Anniversary Trip!

Pete and I did alot of talking during our drives to and from the beach this past weekend.  We made two big decisions, one of them being that we are going to go away for our anniversary next year.  We are going to Walt Disney world for a few days and then we will be taking a short cruise too.  I am so excited.  I get sad when I don’t have a Disney Trip in the planning stages.  I need to book all of our reservations this week!  YAY!  I can not wait!  We are going to stay at the Wilderness Lodge.  It is a deluxe hotel that has direct boat access to the Magic Kingdom.  We have never stayed here before so I am really excited to give it a try!

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2 Responses to “Anniversary Trip!”

  1. mamamichele Says:

    I am glad that I am not the only one who gets that way about Disney Trips… Steven was teasing me just the other day about not having a specific trip in the works (yeah??? thats what HE thinks heh heh)

  2. Jenna Says:

    ahhh yay!! planning is the best! we made all our reservations for our disney trip like 2 weeks ago! we go march 1st – 8th! whoo hoo! i’ve been addicted to the disboards here lately..still trying to get the hang of it before i start posting back

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