New Bed

Yay…Our new bed comes today.  I can not wait.  Pete is home waiting for it, which makes me slightly nervous.  I like to be in charge of these things.  LOL  Tonight I will sleep soundly on a pillow of air, or atleast it will feel that way.  The new bed is so wonderful. 

Last night we had so much to do.  We had to go exchange our new Camera.  Nothing was wrong with it, just found a better price.  Then we went to Bed Bath and Beyond to get $20 back from a purchase made over the weekend.  While we were out we stopped for some dinner and didn’t get home until 8pm!  We had sooo much to still do in preparation for the new bed.

I had to unpack from the wedding trip (Day 4 to come today, I promise); I had to put TONS of clothes away; I had to get rid of some stuff (lamp, nightstand, etc.) so the new bed will fit; I had to take down the twin bed from the guest room, move our queen bed into the guest room (yay for you guests out there…queen bed all ready for you!);  I had to vacuum where the beds were really good since you don’t get to vacuum there often.  I am pretty sore today, all that moving round.  Now don’t get me wrong, my husband was right there helping away, he made most of the trips up and down the stairs, but boy was that alot of work!  It was sooo worth it!

This last weekend we shopped our tails off.  We got a new GPS.  We got a great deal on it.  We left the store and hooked it right up and starting loving it.  THEN we found out Laura had bought us one for Christmas.  We had no idea she was planning that.  We felt (and still do feel) horrible.  We decided to keep  the one we bought though because the surprise was already ruined so even if we returned ours then Christmas morning it would be all weird again.  We do love it though and can not wait to use it this weekend to go to New Jersey or Next Weekend when we go away to the Bed and Breakfast for our Christmas trip!  Funny thing though, Laura bought a digital picture frame for herself on Friday and guess what she is getting from Pete and I…..Yup a digital Picture frame!  LOL  Oh and we also bought two new cordless phones in Radio Shack… YAY!  Our old ones have all up and died. 

We outlet shopped for a good part of Saturday.  I got the most awesome Pink Coach Purse.  It is small and so perfect.  Pete got me a matching Change Purse to hold my cards.  I can not wait to start using it.  I can’t find it online, so I will need to take a picture and post it. 

In addition to all the great stuff we bought ourselves (Merry Christmas….We are not buying gifts for each other aside from stocking stuffers), we did buy lots and lots of Christmas gifts.  We are done shopping for Laura & Brandon, almost done Alyssa and my Dad, almost done Pete’s Parents plus got stuff for Julie, Ryleah and Dakoda.  We are pretty much just buying for our parents, sisters and special kids in our life this year!

Well off to work…Talk to you soon.

4 Responses to “New Bed”

  1. Susan Says:

    Wow! You’ve been busy…makes me tired just reading about it 🙂

    Yippee on the new bed!

  2. cady Says:

    oohh…enjoy the bed!!

  3. Jenna Says:

    oh your gonna love the king bed…..its amazing! sooo much room!

    thats funny laura got yall a gps thats hilarious! oh well..maybe one for your car and one for pete’s haha j/k

  4. ani4775 Says:

    Glad you had a good time.

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