Wedding Trip – Day 4 (Part One)

It’s my Wedding Day, It’s my Wedding day!  That is what I thought as soon as my eyes opened at 5:30am on November 4, 2008!  I was so excited.  I snuggle dup against Pete and gave him a kiss and told him to get out!  LOL  I needed to get ready!  He gets out of bed and pulls out a wrapped box for me!  Now I had left him an anniversary card last night because Nov. 3 was our 4 year anniversary!  But a present…ekk!

 Imported Photos 00506

Wedding Gift from my Husband

So I open my gift (note the lack of makeup)!  I was floored!  Inside was a pair of Diamond Earrings…and a diamond necklace.  OMG…They were so perfect and pretty!  I fell in love with them.  I was having necklace dilemmas.  I didn’t know what one I wanted to wear, I brought like three with me!  As soon as I laid eyes on that new one I was set, that was the necklace I was wearing! 

New Bling

Love it!

Pete left and I was alone for a little bit.  I plugged in the curlers and opened the door to the balcony and just relaxed. This was my view.

Beautiful Morning

Miss Alyssa wanted say good Mornning.

Wedding Day Good Mornings

Then the knocking started.  Brandon, the best brother in law in the world went to get me breakfast.  I sat and ate and was calm.  I wasn’t nervous.  I was really excited.  I couldn’t wait for Pete to see me in my dress.

My Dress

Laura, Nikki & Crystal were in and out helping me get ready and having me help them a little bit too.  They were so great helping with my hair and taking getting ready pictures!

Helping Laura with her Make Up

Great Helper!

Imported Photos 00535

Imported Photos 00550 - Copy

Laura zipped me up in my dress and I was a bride, well except I needed flowers (and ice since she zipped up skin off my side in with the dress!).

Smell Great

Lars, the wedding coordinator arrived with my bouquet, the flowers for the dad’s and Pete, and the corsages for Pete’s mom and my Dad’s Girlfriend.  We were set!

 My Flowers!

Hidden Mickey

We took a few shots of me all ready.

Imported Photos 00554

Imported Photos 00552

I got a little teary eyed as I was adding my locket with my Mom’s picture on it to my flowers!  I miss her so much and I am so sad she couldn’t share this day with me.  I don’t understand how anyone would want to get married with out their mom’s or dad’s there.  I was lucky though I had lots of family and friends with me. 

Me & My Mom

Michele stopped by to say hi, and to lend her shoes to Nikki who didn’t get white flip flops in time, before they went away for the season!  Michele also made me an awesome sign for my door.  So thoughtful!

Imported Photos 01140

She scooted out cause everyone needed to meet in the lobby except for my dad and I.  I love that we set up a first look photo for my Dad.  He teared up.  It was so sweet!

 Dads first Look

Imported Photos 00562

My dad and I sat in the room waiting for Lars to come get us.  I was sooo excited and time was ticking away soooo slowly!  I was ready to scream!  Finally a knock on the door.  YAY!  It was time!  Lars lead us to the elevator and then out to the golf cart that was all set up to take us to our ceremony location!  My Dad and I enjoyed the short ride there and then I got off the cart and got ready to walk down the aisle!  EKKK!


4 Responses to “Wedding Trip – Day 4 (Part One)”

  1. cady Says:

    i can’t imagine having gotten married without my mom there. you are so strong. my dad teared up when he first saw me in my dress too. he couldn’t even talk. i’ve never seen him that emotional before. i can’t wait to read about your ceremony! oh, and the jewelry is gorgeous!

  2. Lisanne Says:

    Yes, I can’t imagine not having our parents at our wedding. I am so sorry, Lisa. 😦 But you’re right ~ your dad was there, and you had lots of family and friends who care about you very much. You made such a beautiful bride. You look perfect in every single photo! Are you sad that your wedding stuff is over now?

  3. ani4775 Says:

    I know it was hard not to have your mom there for you. But she was there in spirit.

    That is so cool you got married on your anniversary. Niel and I did that as well.

    What a romantic Pete is!

  4. jesser Says:

    Sounds lovely! I love that you put your mom’s photo in your flowers. Very sweet. Everything looks so gorgeous. 🙂

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