Wedding Trip – Day Four (Part Two)

So where did I leave off…..ahh so my Dad and I got to the ceremony site.

Click below…warning lots of pictures…LOTS!


  I could see Pete, but Nikki had the driver stop back so he could not see me.  My sister ran over and gave me a hug and a kiss and we all lined up.  Nikki said to my Flower Girl (her daughter) “Doesn’t Lisa look like Cinderella?”  With out missing a beat Ryleah loked at me and said “You have Cinderella’s dress on, but you don’t have a Cinderella face!”  I lost it laughing…she is too funny! 

Imported Photos 00030

Imported Photos 00646

Imported Photos 00037

Imported Photos 00645

The girls all walked down the aisle to When you Wish upon a Star.  It was so cute the flower girl and ring bearer walked along and picked up shells.  I love those kids!  I then heard the music change to the wedding march and I got butterflies in my belly!

Imported Photos 00040

Pete was standing there and I walked towards him and didn’t see another person on the whole island.

Imported Photos 00650

Walking towards my Groom

My dad started crying when he handed me away and I choked up and told him to stop or I will cry and ruin my face.  LOL

Imported Photos 00041

Imported Photos 00043

Pete looked at me and told me how beautiful I looked, then he said he was so glad he didn’t peak at the dress and that it was worth the wait to see it!  AWE!

Imported Photos 00045

We turned towards the minister and the ceremony started.

Imported Photos 00047

I was in such a mode or excitement I forget half of what he said.  Thankfully my friend Shannon’s Dad thought to get a copy of the ceremony…hopefully he will scan it and send it to me soon!  I was worried about not having a religious ceremony, I am Catholic and wanted God to be part of it.  Well the ceremony was perfect!

Imported Photos 00660

Imported Photos 00052

Imported Photos 00055

Imported Photos 00055

When he said you may kiss the bride I was soooo excited!  I was a wife!

Imported Photos 00686

It was exactly how I wanted it.  I was lucky to have Steven (my friend Michele’s husband) taking pictures for us and Jason (Nikki’s husband) videoing the ceremony.  I am going to make a big DVD of the whole day.

Imported Photos 00063

Imported Photos 00065

We had to sign the Marriage Liceinse and so did our Maid of Honor and Best Man.

Imported Photos 00000

Imported Photos 00713

After all the formalities were over The Photographer took tons of great Pictures for us.  He was not the best creativity wise, thankfully he took direction from me well.  LOL  I set up all of the shots and told him where to stand etc.  You should have seen his face when I said I was laying down in the sand….You should have seen Pete’s too when I told him to get down there with me.  LOL

Group Picture!

Imported Photos 00071

Me on My Wedding Day!

Imported Photos 00082

Imported Photos 00084

All the Girl wore White Sunglasses, even Ryleah and I had some Bright Pink ones! I love this Picture:

Imported Photos 00086

Me and my Girls:

Imported Photos 00091Imported Photos 00097

Imported Photos 00092Imported Photos 00098

Imported Photos 00101

One of My Favorite Wedding Pictures

Imported Photos 00111

Imported Photos 00008

Imported Photos 00010

Imported Photos 00011

Imported Photos 00116

Imported Photos 00117

Imported Photos 00118

We stopped at the bar on the island for a quick drink and a few more pictures. 

Imported Photos 00130

Imported Photos 00133

We also stopped by some flowers, they were so pretty, to have a few pictures taken there too.

Imported Photos 00127

Imported Photos 00125

Imported Photos 00122

I then had him stop one more time for pictures with the ship behind us.  We were talking to the Pub Master who was working the boat rental neat where we were having pictures taken and he said we had the largest wedding party (total guests) he had ever saw on Castaway Cay for a wedding.  I told him to just wait for May and my friend Mikkel’s wedding, she is expecting like twice the number I had!  I am so sad we can’t go.  She is going to be a beautiful bride.

Imported Photos 00134

Imported Photos 00139

While we were going around the island for pictures our guests were escorted to Palo for the start of our reception.  We had Beach towels made as favors and I also made CD’s, on the CD’s were the 1st dance songs of all the married couples that joined us on the cruise!

Imported Photos 00775

The Piano player played this CD instead of the songs he was surprised to play on the piano during the pre reception, but it made everyone happy to hear their songs!  Hale, Shannon’s Dad said “This is my Song, my song to my baby” and got Shannon’s Mom up to dance….Soo Sweet! 

Imported Photos 00141

We entered the room to cheers and I was blown away with how very pretty it all was.

Imported Photos 00143

I loved my cake and everything, the way it was all set up.  It was the best ever!  We cut the cake.  The top layer was White Cake with Strawberry Mousse filling and the bottom layer was Chocolate with Chocolate Mousse FIlling.

Imported Photos 00142

Imported Photos 00811

No smashing happened (not for this cake anyway, just wait til the at home reception!), we still had pictures to take so I didn’t want to get messy (I was already hot and flushed looking)!

Imported Photos 00153

Imported Photos 00015

Imported Photos 00150

Then we had our Toast.

Imported Photos 00843

Imported Photos 00154

Laura and Edwin did great jobs!  It was so sweet to hear them say so many great things about us.  After being toasted we enjoyed our first dance as husband and wife!  Making Memories of Us, by Keith Urban.

Imported Photos 00165

Imported Photos 00865

Then I danced with my dad and he teared up…poor guy! 

Imported Photos 00171

We were talking as we danced and we looked over at Brandon (who was tearing up while holding baby Alyssa) Alyssa and my dad said “Well I guess we don’t have to do this anymore until she gets married!”.  We danced to “I loved her First”.

Imported Photos 00885

It was a great song and spoke right to my heart.  Pete and his mom danced to “Godspeed” by the Dixie Chicks and I went over to talk to Shannon, she is such a great friend and had so many wonderful things to say.

Imported Photos 00175

Imported Photos 00895

Laura got upset while Pete was dancing with his mom, it just wasn’t fair that my Mom couldn’t be there!  She came over and hugged me and we cried a little together.  I tried to stay strong though…..didn’t want to mess up any make up!  🙂 

Imported Photos 00176

This is one of my favorite Pictures that were taken on my wedding day, and I am not even in it!

Imported Photos 00182

The reception was pretty much over at this point.  I did need one quick picture of Nikki, Crystal and I! We have so many pictures taken with us standing like this, some date back to the 90’s!

Imported Photos 00183

The Reception lasted about 1.5 hours, perfect amount of time!  We hugged and kissed our guests and sent them on their way.  It was time to change into swim suits and hit the beach (for them anyway)!  YAY! 

Steven walked around with the Photographer and took a few extra shoots for us, but the Photographer took any I asked for….It was alot!  I will only post a few….

Imported Photos 00190
Imported Photos 00186

Imported Photos 00195

Imported Photos 00026

Imported Photos 00196

Imported Photos 00203

Imported Photos 00205

Imported Photos 00207

Imported Photos 00208

Imported Photos 00213

After Pictures Pete and I headed for our cabin for sunblock and suits.  We wanted to get to the beach with our friends.  In our room waiting for us was Champagne and Chocolate Covered Strawberries and a wedding gift from the ship!  It was a wonderful beach towel with a Sand Castle of Cinderella’s Castle on it, along with a memory box and picture frame.

Imported Photos 00962

Imported Photos 00960

We headed off the ship to Castaway Cay via the tram.

Imported Photos 00976

Imported Photos 00985

Imported Photos 00989

Our first stop was Cookie’s BBQ for some lunch.  We sat and ate with Michele, Steven and Pete’s Parents and sister.  I was ready to get in the water.  Pete’s Dad and sister didn’t go down to the beach, but his Mom joined us.  We had so much fun playing with the kids and relaxing.  What a great great wedding day.  The beach on Castaway Cay is so wonderful. 

Imported Photos 00994

Imported Photos 01000

Imported Photos 01002

Imported Photos 01018

Imported Photos 01023

Imported Photos 01039

Imported Photos 01057

We headed back to the ship with just enough time to get ready for dinner.

Imported Photos 01067

When we got back to the room there was a Cheese plate waiting for us. YUM! My Dad also stopped by to show off his formal wear! HA!

Imported Photos 01072

Imported Photos 01074

We skipped the show tonight.  It was Pirate night.  We didn’t dress up like Pirates, we had way too many other things to bring and just had no room for extra outfits.  Laura and Brandon, Michele and Steven, Edwin, Kim and Julie, and Jason & Ryleah, and Shannon & her Mom and Dad all dressed up!  Next cruise (in just 11 months) we will be dressing up! 

Imported Photos 01082

Imported Photos 01094

Imported Photos 01096

Imported Photos 01123

Imported Photos 01100
Brandon, Laura, Kim & Edwin

Imported Photos 01129
Miss Paulette & Hale

Imported Photos 01130
Shannon and (not dressed up) Jon
Dinner was all Pirate Themed tonight.  We had maps and bandanas waiting for us at our table.  One of the things I love so much about the DIsney Cruise Line is the rotational dining.  You waite staff follows you to each resurant and it is so wonderful since they remember things like what you like to drink. 

Imported Photos 01106

After Dinner was one of the highlights of the cruise, the Pirate party complete with fireworks at sea.  Soon as the party started I started feeling sooo sick.  I headed to our room to rest, but when I got there I didn’t have my key.  Since the party was going on the elevators were all jammed up.  I sat down in the hall way to wait for someone I knew.  Jason came by and let me into their room and went to get my husband…LOL…Pete came and helped me to bed.  What a wild wedding night!  I think I was just over tired.  We laid together until I fell asleep and then Pete headed up to the deck with friends. 

It was a great wedding day, the best I could ever ask for.  I had the perfect Weather, great pictures and most of all the best husband ever!!!

You can see all of the Professional Pictures Here!  You can see all of the Pictures taken with my Camera Here!


4 Responses to “Wedding Trip – Day Four (Part Two)”

  1. shannon Says:

    I’m so glad it was the perfect day for you. You deserve it so much! And I’m so honored we were able to be a part of it. I love you!

  2. Lisanne Says:

    Wow ~ I don’t even know where to start commenting! hehe 🙂 First ~ you guys took off your rings to let the photographer take that cake server photo? I didn’t want to take my rings off at ALL after we were married! haha 🙂 Love all of the special gifts waiting for you in your room. That’s how our honeymoon was, too! Awesome! Probably my favorite photo ever of you guys is where you’re standing in your room with the curtains behind, looking at each other. That one is GORGEOUS!!!

  3. Ani Says:

    Well the only way I could sum it up is magical Lisa. Just magical.

  4. Jenna Says:

    omgosh what a beautiful day!!

    it was just perfect! just for you!

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