ERis one of my most favorite shows.  This is the last season and I am kinda sad about it.  I have been enjoying this season sooo much!  Tonight I watched an episode from two or three weeks ago.  Here is a Link to the recap.  I sat here with tears in my eyes.  One of the main parts of the story was a man came in who was being harassed.  He was accused by a 12 year old student last year of sexual abuse.  He claimed he didn’t do it.  At one point the doctor treating him gets so angry when he sees him talking to a child.  The harasser comes in and beats him to a bloody pulp and Brenner doesn’t stop him.  The doctors of course save him.  Morris, my favorite Doctor talks to Brenner and it turns out Brenner was abused as a child.  As he is telling Morris about how the abuser gains trust and ends up hurting the child, there is flashes to the teacher talking to a little girl and asking for her blog and then moves in for a hug and gets a satisfied look on his face (made me want to puke)!  All along this teacher swore he didn’t do what he was accused, to the doctors and the other people around him, but he totally did.  Kids do not lie about this sort of thing.  Kids do not make this stuff up and anyone who believes they do is just a plain moron!  This episode really got to me.  But on a lighter note watch ER this season.  It is really good!


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