Wedding Trip – Day 5

Sorry it’s taken so long for this update….Been a busy girl. 

Today was our last full cruise day.  We were so looking forward to a little relaxing.  Not so much of that happened, but it was a really nice day. 

We slept in today….Finally it was all catching up to me.  We got up and showered and got dressed for our brunch in Palo.  Since Pete didn’t have any shoes (UGH!) the other big feet boys on the ship lent him some.  He ended up wearing Jon’s shoes….THANK YOU!  Brunch was amazing.  It was funny that we were seated by Michele and Steven.  They had made reservations when they boarded the ship and they just so happened to be for the same time as ours, or maybe a little sooner.

Imported Photos 01143

Palo is so fancy.  There are no menus.  The waiter walks you around and shows you all they have to offer in the way of sample plates.  It is great, you can actually see what you are ordering.  We had a great view from our seats.

Imported Photos 01145

1st we sampled the buffet and Pete tried raw Tuna and Caviar.  oh la la…Nope he didn’t like either one.  LOL

Imported Photos 01170Imported Photos 01171

Imported Photos 01172Imported Photos 01173

We also had great drinks, they were Orange Juice and some alcohol…mmm so tasty.  I was getting tipsy after one.  LOL

Imported Photos 01148

Some pictures of the Buffet:

Imported Photos 01149

Imported Photos 01150

Imported Photos 01151

We ordered a Flat Bread (aka Pizza) as a starter in addition to the buffet choices we made.  It was very very good.  

Imported Photos 01174

For our meals I got Eggs Benedict and Pete got Chicken Parmesan.  Well mine wasn’t that good so I switched and got some Chicken Parm as well.  That was really good.

Imported Photos 01176

Imported Photos 01177

But desert is what we were really waiting for.  OMG the choises  were endless and each one better then the one before.  Loved the Desert Bar!

Imported Photos 01154

Imported Photos 01155

Imported Photos 01180

Imported Photos 01181

Imported Photos 01183Imported Photos 01184

Sadly our time at Palo was over.  We extra tipped our server because he was excellent then we headed to look around the ship some.  We took some pictures before running into P. Daddy and Mama Reese (Pete’s Parents).

Imported Photos 01188

We stopped and chatted a bit then moved on.  We saw Julie getting her hair braided.  She was such a good girl. 

Imported Photos 01198

Imported Photos 01252

On our way back to our room we ran into Chip and Dale.  DO you know which one is which?  Chip has the black nose, like a chocolate chip!.

Imported Photos 01250

We needed to pick up the gifts we were giving out for our Fish Extender Exchange.  So we stopped by our room. Guess what we found? Another plate of goodies. We got so spoiled on this cruise.

Imported Photos 01253

Before we headed out we stopped by and said hi to Miss Alyssa.

Imported Photos 01257

We got to tour the whole ship giving out little cans of Old Bay. We put them in all of the Fish Extenders that lined the hallways.

Imported Photos 00346

Our last delivery was at Kayla and Karen’s room.  They were hosting a meet, a “Meet in the Sweet”!   They had an awesome suite and were so kind to host the meet.  There were snacks and lots of Disboard friends.  One of whichI spent a long time talking to (hi TJ), but we couldn’t talk about the “Surprise” planned later in the trip….boy was that hard!  LOL

We didn’t get to stay at the Meet long because we needed to run and pick up our wedding pictures!  EKKK! Look who we saw on the way to Shutters.

Imported Photos 01271

We made our was to shutters and were given the pictures…this is when I saw that the largest picture package, the one we were buying was only including 75 images on a CD.  Well the documents I had received before we cruised stated that ALL IMAGES were included on a CD.  I asked them about this and they told be the packages had changed.  …… OH NO…I was getting all the images!  I talked to the manager and then my wedding coordinator.  I was not backing down!  They ended  up calling stateside to speak with my on land planner and she did verify that I was sent the older information including all images.  They reluctantly agreed to include them all.  I ended up with two CD’sworth!  Go Me Go Me!  Not they sent us back to our room with over 300 pictures and we had a few hours to pick which ones we wanted in 8 x 10 size and in 5 x 7 size.  Talk about pressure!  We literally spent 4 hours locked in our room picking pictures.  We got to pick 15 8×10’s and 75 5×7’s, plus a few pictures for the folios.  NOW being the honest people we are we didn’t keep any extras although we really could have.  Once we returned our choices they threw away all the ones we didn’t pick and handed me the stack of 5×7’s we did pick.  They had to enlarge the 8×10’s but then when they gave us them they included the 5×7’s of the ones made into 8×10’s.  We also got lots of stock pictures of the ship! 

After the picture mess we had to start packing.  All of our bags needed to be packed and in the hall by 11pm.  I got our suitcase out and the wheel was missing….to make matters worse I ripped my dress on the whole where the wheel should have been!  Ohhh I was MAD!  I called the front desk and complained.  I had to take the suitcase down there and they were going to try to repair it.  We dropped it off and they ended up giving me a $55 credit for my torn dress. 

We headed to the show….Disney Dreams…ahhh it was so wonderful.  It brought a tear to my eye.  Most of us sat together tonight.  It was so neat the way we all would not plan on meetings, but everytime you turned around you had a friend nearby.  We were like the  last to get there and found everyone all together in the center!  YAY!  I loved seeing the kids and their reactions.

Imported Photos 01275

Imported Photos 01285

Imported Photos 01286

I tooks lots of pictures during the show!

Imported Photos 01291

Imported Photos 01303

Imported Photos 01307

Imported Photos 01324

Imported Photos 01343

Imported Photos 01351

Imported Photos 01363

After the show we ran up to pack some more and then it was dinner time.  I stopped by the photo department to drop off our picks and Pete went to get our brand new suitcase from guest services.  They couldn’t fix the old one so we got an all new one!  Go Disney Service!

Dinner tonight was in Animators Palate.  This is one of my favorite restaurants on the ship, but our table location wasn’t the best and we didn’t get to experience the full effect!  We will have to try again in November! 

Imported Photos 01369

Imported Photos 01404

After dinner a group of us had planned to go to Karaoke, but that didn’t pan out.  I also had plans to relax on deck with Shannon, but she headed to bed.  I rushed to finish my packing and then hit the bed.  Another long long day was over!  I was so sad, we had to say goodbye to all our friends and family tomorrow.

Pete ran up to get a soda and Laura came over to chat a bit.  Then I snuggled into bed with my iPod and my wedding pictures (oh no there were not getting packing in my checked luggage!) and drifted off to sleep. 

Pete woke me up when he got in and we rehashed our whole trip and talked aout how very happy we were!  I fell asleep with his arms wrapped around me!  What a great wedding trip!


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  1. Jenna Says:

    omg all of that food looks soo good! i can’t wait to go on a disney cruise! ahh

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