Wedding Trip – Day 6

This morning was bittersweet.  Our cruise was coming to an end, but a whole vacation still awaits!  We got up and got dressed in the clothes I had laid out the night before and we packed our carry on bags and off we headed to breakfast!

You have breakfast in the restaurant that you had dinner in the night before, so we showed up at Animators Palate.  We had a tasty breakfast and then said our goodbyes and that was it, it was over!

We made our way out to the terminal where we grabbed a bag guy and collected our bags and headed out to meet our private vans for the trip to the airport and our after cruise hotels.  Pete’s parents took on of Laura’s bags by mistake which caused a whole mess of Laura looking for her bag and us needed to get back inside to let her know we had it outside.  UGH!  It was a mess! 

The vans were here and we split up, those going to the airport on one van and the people staying in Florida in the other.  We got to ride with Ryleah and Dakoda and their families.  It was nice.  We dropped everyone off at the airport, but they were so early they couldn’t check in.  They had a long day waiting at the airport.  It was not fun and I really feel bad for them!

We headed to Pop Century to drop Nikki, Ryleah & Jason off.  Crystal and her family got off at the airport and rented car so they could visit their family in Florida.  I hugged and kissed Ryleah and told her I would see her for her special dinner!

When they got out of the van it was quiet, weird quiet.  We had not had quiet the whole trip.  errie. 

 Animal Kingdom Lodge

We got to the beautiful Animal Kingdom Lodge and checked in and paid for our meal plan.  $850 dollars poorer we went to get something to eat.  The food court was tiny, we are Value Resort people with it’s big bustling food court and here it was small.  Don’t get me wrong it had EVERYTHING you needed, just on a smaller scale.

Animal Kingdom Lodge

We were tired but since our room wasn’t yet ready we went to lay on some pool loungers near one of the hot tubs.  It was great.  I even fell asleep for a bit. 

Imported Photos 00008

Imported Photos 00011

Our plan for the day was originally to head to Epcot, but since the room wasn’t ready we just hung out at the hotel.  I called the card they gave us and YAY our room was ready.  We headed to it.  Now they were doing construction on the main building at the AKL and it was a pain to navigate all around it everyday.  The hotel was nice, but I doubt I would want to stay there again.  It was the nicest hotel I have ever stayed it, but it was missing something.

Imported Photos 00012

Imported Photos 00017

We entered out room to find a Mickey Towel Animal.  So cute.  We had an awesome room.  Big bed, sofa, flat screen, mini kitchen and a great bathroom.  We popped in the video that Jason did from the wedding and snuggled up in bed to watch it. 

Imported Photos 00013

Around 3:00 or so we got up and got dressed.  We had dinner with a prince tonight, the Boss of all the princesses according to Ryleah.  We made the long trek to the buses, but then realized it was getting late so we took a cab to the Grand Floridian.  Ryleah met us in the lobby and had a Christmas Ornament for us.  It was so sweet.  It said Just married on it and was topped with Bride Minnie and Groom Mickey. 

Imported Photos 00033

We checked in for dinner and had about a 20 minute wait until 1900 Park Fare opened for the evening.  We were excited to eat with Cinderella, Prince Charming, Anastasia and Drusilla, and the Evil Step Mother!  We were led to the No. 2 table (the second table that the characters visit) and gave our drink order.  We headed to the buffet.  OMG was it so good.  It was the best buffet I have ever been to.  I usually hate buffets, food sitting around waiting to be scooped up, germs, etc.  YUK.  But in WDW the buffets are small and they are refreshing constantly.  Ryleah got a plate and we told her she needed to eat before the characters came out.  She started eating and then we heard music and an announcement and out came Prince Charming.  He was good and came to talk to her.  She asked him where Cinderella was…Cindy is the only one she really cared about!  LOL  After the Prince moved on we made her eat some more so Cinderella would come.  Out Came Cinderella then every ten minutes or so someone new came out.  We finished up just around desert.  OMG  the Chocolate mouse was to die for.  Yummy! 

Imported Photos 00040

Imported Photos 00046

Imported Photos 00052

Imported Photos 00056

Imported Photos 00062

Imported Photos 00075

Pete and I got crowns for just being married (mine said Happy Birthday…LOL).  Ryleah snatched mine up for a while.  She also enjoyed our cup cake. 

Imported Photos 00074

The best part was Cinderella danced with Ryleah.  Ahhh she was in heaven!

Imported Photos 00066

We headed to the gift shop to look around after dinner, what the guys and Ryleah didn’t know was that we were killing time until our surprise (We couldn’t check in for the surprise until 7:15pm).  Ryleah had a potty break and Pete and I convinced Jason that pin trading would be fun.  He bought his lanyard and a pin and was all set.  Nikki came back and the boys went upstairs to look in another store and Ryleah, Nikki and I had a seat in the lobby and listened to the piano player or the big band.  They alternate every 15 minutes.  Ryleah made each one of us get up and slow dance with her.  It was so cute.  The guys still had no idea why we were just hanging out in the lobby!  LOL  

Slow Dancing

Grand Floridian

Slow Dancing

It was starting to get dark so I suggested a walk around the resort with a stop at the Marina to see if we could see the fireworks.  ekk!  As we walked up to the marina Jason jokingly said “Oh boats, wanna take that one out?”  I looked at him and replied “Yeah, lets go on a boat ride!”  Well at this time we saw TJ and family from our cruise and we walked over to say Hi.  Pete shook hands with her husband and said “Weird seeing you here.”  Still no clue!  Then the boat captain walked up to me for me to sign off on the bill for our FIREWORKS CRUISE!  Finally the guys got it.  We got a life vest for Ryleah and headed to the pontoon boat.  I had arranged for TJ and Peggy from the DisBoards and their families to share the Fireworks cruise.  We all got onboard and were given blankets and snacks and drinks. 

Imported Photos 00091

It was so wonderful.  We had about a 45 minute tour of Bay Lake and we Hunted Gators and checked out the old River Country. 

Looking for Gators

We had a great tour guide.  We found a good spot and tuned the radio so we could hear the music.  We had the best seat to enjoy the fireworks.  The pictures didn;t come out to good because we were on a floating boat, but I hope the video is better.  It was magical.

Imported Photos 00135Imported Photos 00128

Imported Photos 00138Imported Photos 00140

After the fireworks we went on another tour and then got to see the Water Parade.  So Awesome.

Imported Photos 00157

Ryleah fell asleep before we docked. 

Imported Photos 00160

After the cruise we made way to the monorail.  We took it to the Magic Kingdom and then transferred to buses back to our hotels.  We had a big day tomorrow! 

When we got back to our room I went right to sleep while Pete went down to get a drink.  He ran into a Fraturnity Brother of his that he had not seen since college.  I just slept!  LOL  It was a great 1st Day to our Walt Disney World Vacation.

All Pictures from DAY SIX HERE!

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  1. Shannon Says:

    Well, hello Prince Charming! What a cutie! lol
    LOVE all the pics! What a wonderful day you had!

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