Honeymoon Trip – Day 7

I wrote this a week ago and haven’t had time to load pictures….I figure I would hurry up and add the pictures so I can move on to Christmas…….

This is the day the trip switched from a Wedding Trip to a Honeymoon Trip.  It is also one of the most anticipated days of the trip.  Ryleah was going to see the Castle!  I was going to see Ryleah see the Magic Kingdom!  YAY!  I love Ryleah so much.  When my Best Friend told me she was pregnant I answered her with “I know it’s a girl”.  It was andshe is one of the sweetest little girls ever.  We have a close bond and seeing her love Cinderella andthe Castle as much as I do makes be beyond happy! 

Pete and I woke up early and Nikki called us before we had even left our hotel.  She wanted to tell me they were already at the Magic Kingdom!  She was pretty excited.  It was sooo early, like before 8am.  The park didn’t open until 9am.  The plan was to meet at 8:30ish in front of the train station.  Pete and I were finishing our breakfast when she called so we hurried up to get tothe bus. 

 Imported Photos 00171Imported Photos 00172

We ate at the Mara in our hotel and I had a bagel and Pete had the breakfast platter.  It was pretty good. 

We headed to the bus and caught the first one to the Magic Kingdom.  We waited no longer then 10 minutes for a bus during this whole trip.  Soon as we got to the gates we met up with Nikki, Jason & Ryleah, then Ryleah needed a bathroom stop.  Nikki took her and then we all stood in front of the train station.

Imported Photos 00173

Ryleah collected Mickey confetti and we waited for the Opening Show.

Imported Photos 00189

We got a Disney Photo Pass Photographer to take some group pictures. 

Imported Photos 00187

We saw the opening show and it was great as always and then at rope drop we headed in under the train station.  We made our way up main street.

Imported Photos 00199

Of course we needed to stop for a few pictures with the Castle (love the castle!).



Imported Photos 00202

We hurried though since we had a tour plan.  The breeze way through the castle was closed so we needed to go around.  Ugh, 5 minutes waisted.  LOL  We headed to the right and went up the side ramp near Belle’s Story Time.

Imported Photos 00204

We got in line for Dumbo right away.  Here is where we had the longest wait of the day, about 15-20 minutes.  Ryleah was excited and so was I.  As you all know I love Disney, not so much for the stuff or atractions as for the feelings it brings.  I was so excited to see Ryleahseeing it all for the first time.  We boarded Dumbo and I sat in the Elephant directly in front of their ride car.  I wanted to take pictures of their first ride.  It was a hit!

Imported Photos 00205

Imported Photos 00214

Imported Photos 00217

After Dumbo we headed to Pete’s favorite ride, Peter Pan.  It is so amazing!  Ryleah enjoyed it as did the rest of us.  After Peter Pan we rode Snow White, saw Mickey’s Philharmagic and then rode It’s a Small World.  All fun rides.  We got so many rides done in the first hour.  YAY our touring plan was working!

Imported Photos 00224

Imported Photos 00226

Imported Photos 00227

Imported Photos 00228

Imported Photos 00230

Imported Photos 00263

After Small world we took another potty break, who knew a 3 year old pee’d so much!  LOL  Next up was the Haunted Mansion.  I love the new updates.  Ryleah was a bit nervous and afterwards told us she didn’t like that ride at all!  LOL

Imported Photos 00265

Imported Photos 00267

Pete and Jason wanted to ride Big Thunder Mountain Railroad so we headed that way.  Ryleah was too short to ride so while Nikki went to the bathroom I bought Ryleah her first Mickey Bar.  It is a Disney Classic.  I got a water and the Mickey bar and used two snack credits.  Ryleah enjoyed it so much, who wouldn’t….a yummy Mickey Bar.  I enjoyed her eating it.  I took tons of Pictures. 

Imported Photos 00269

Imported Photos 00272

Imported Photos 00273

Imported Photos 00280

By now it was about 11:40am and Pete and I had lunch reservations at the Plaza Restaurant for noon.  We told Nikki and Jason we would meet them after we ate and we parted ways.  Nikki, Jason and Ryleah went to Pirates of the Caribbean and Pete and I walked to the Plaza Restaurant.  It was nice to stroll through the Magic Kingdom hand in hand. We stopped to take a Castle Picture or Two.

Imported Photos 00283


Ryleah fell asleep as soon as they were done Pirates so Nikki and Jason grabbed lunch at Pecos Bills.  They ate while Ryleah napped.  It worked out perfectly.  Ryleah got a much needed nap.  She still had a long day in front of her.

Our lunch was great.  I had never eaten at the Plaza Restaurant before, but I will surely return.  We had burgers and salads and free desert for being on our honeymoon.  We also met the Mayor!  LOL  It is so small in there.  I had no idea. 

Imported Photos 00291

Imported Photos 00299

Imported Photos 00301

I gave Nikki a call after we were done (what did we all do before cell phones) and Pete and I headed over to Adventureland to meet up with them. 

Imported Photos 00307

A quick Castle Picture…Isn’t it just lovely!

Imported Photos 00306

Ryleah had just awoke so I used some snack credits to get her a Corn dog and a drink.  We went to the Jungle Cruise, but the line was about an hour.  We didn’t want to wait that long so we left and went to Tomorrowland. 

Imported Photos 00309

On the way we stopped for a few quick pictures.

Imported Photos 00308


Ryleah was finishing her lunch and Nikki ran to get fast passes for Space Mountain, then we went to The Laugh Floor Comedy show.

Imported Photos 00311

Imported Photos 00316

Imported Photos 00317

It was pretty funny.  It was a first time attraction for all of us.  I loved the inside.  The theming is great.  Buzz is right next to the Monsters Inc. show so of course that was or next stop.  Pete beat me, his score was about twice the amount of mine. 

Imported Photos 00319

Imported Photos 00325

I was really excited now because it was time for my favorite Disney attraction ever – The Carousel of Progress – Yay!  It was great!  Nikki loves it as much as I do so we knew we weren’t going to miss it.  Ryleah, not as much.  She sat on my lap and we played with the previously collected Mickey confetti to pass the time.  

Imported Photos 00328

Ryleah loves grapes and wasn’t eating much of anything so Nikki got a bowl for her to eat while we rested.  We all enjoyed them.  I love that Disney has healthy snacks all over the park.

Stitch was outside of the Carousel of Progress so of course we got pictures taken.

Imported Photos 00330

Imported Photos 00331

I love the one of Ryleah kissing his nose.  About a year before our trip I started telling Ryleahabout kissing Mickey on the nose.  I wanted her to get that picture.  Well she did.  She got the nose kiss down good.  She loves nose kisses now.  I still get them.  I guess she missed the part about how they were for characters with big fake noses.  LOL

Pete, Ryleah and I went on the People Mover for two rounds (they let us stay on a 2nd time – there is never a line for this ride) so Nikki and Jason could go ride Space Mountain.  We had fun talking about our day with Ryleah.  She loved the part where you go in the building and it is all dark.   Doesn’t Pete look cute with Mickey Confetti stuck on his face?

Imported Photos 00332

After the people mover we found the stroller and went to look for Nikki and Jason.  We didn’t get far before a bathroom break was needed.  Ryleah and I went in search of a potty while Pete hit up the Merchant of Venus and Star Traders, boy loves some gift shops.  Then Nikki found us and we lost Jason.  Ugh…LOL!  Finally we were all together and we headed to Toontown by the secret path next to the train tracks.  We went in Minnie’s house and Mickey’s House. 

Imported Photos 00336

Imported Photos 00337

They were kinda crowded so we went through pretty fast.  Pete and I got a drink while Ryleah, Nikki & Jason went on Goofy’s Barnstormer.  I called my sister and caught up on things.  I hate being out of contact with my family, that is why we vacation so much together.

After the roller coaster we rode the train to the front of the park.  We had reservations for Tony’s Town Square for dinner, it’s a must do each trip for us.

Imported Photos 00347

Imported Photos 00348

Imported Photos 00350

They just don’t have enough sit down restaurants in the Magic Kingdom.   In the camera shop Jason found the DVD’s he needed for their video camera.  He ran out in the morning.  He didn’t want to miss the parade or fireworks.  Dinner was so good.  I love eating at Tony’s.  Pete and I had the Steak, Nikki and Ryleah had spaghetti and Jason had Chicken Parm.  Ryleah didn’t care about eating very much, but we all enjoyed a break.  I think a sit down meal while touring a the park is so great, you get to eat a good meal and rest.  It is so relaxing after going full force all day.

When we came out of Tony’s it was dark.  That meant parade time! 



Pete and I went to save seats and Nikki and Jason went to look in some stores.  Jason joined us and Nikki took Ryleah for yet another potty break.  The bathroom in Tomorrowland was closed for cleaning so Nikki had to hussle all the way over to the bathrooms near Casey’s.  They made it back in time to wait for about 10 minutes for the parade.  Ryleah wanted to hula hoop in the street with the kids so bad.  There wasn’t a free hula hoop, but she was so excited just watching and waiting for one to open up.  Well once a little girl got hurt a hula hoop opened up and I rushed her out to it.  LOL  She tried her best to pick it up with both hands.

Imported Photos 00373Imported Photos 00374

Imported Photos 00375Imported Photos 00376

We got a good laugh out of this.  Then she dropped it and some one else snatched it up.  Ryleah likes sharing and went up to a little girl and asked if they could take turns.  The little girl said sure (even kids are nice in WDW).  Ryleah only got a quick turn then it was parade time!

We heard the music change and got into position.  YAY the parade was starting.  I love the Spectomagic so much.

Imported Photos 00383

Imported Photos 00384

Imported Photos 00386

Alot of the princesses pointed out my ears.  Little congratulations were given to us all day long.

Imported Photos 00414

Imported Photos 00398

Imported Photos 00420

Imported Photos 00427

It was wonderful!  Ryleah loved the parade and waved until I thought her arm was going to fall off.  After the parade we moved over towards the middle to get a spot for the fireworks.

Imported Photos 00461

Poor Ryleah was so tired she fell asleep before they even started.  I am so glad we went to see the fireworks on the boat the night before, atleast she got to see Wishes once! 

Imported Photos 00516

The fireworks were delayed for almost a half hour.  A medic helicopter went over the castle once, then again 15-20 minutes later.  I guess that was the hold up.  What did I do during the wait? Take pictures of the Caslte of course!

Imported Photos 00452Imported Photos 00453Imported Photos 00454Imported Photos 00457Imported Photos 00458Imported Photos 00459

Then Wishes started.  It was magical.  I tried to get some pictures, but I didn’t have my tripod so most are pretty shaky.  It was pretty great though.  I was seeing one of my favorite things with some of my favorite people.

Imported Photos 00470

Imported Photos 00478

Imported Photos 00480

Imported Photos 00487

Imported Photos 00492

Imported Photos 00495

Imported Photos 00502

Imported Photos 00504

After the fireworks Pete and I went to take some pictures of the castle and Nikki and Jason and sleeping Ryleah headed to the exit by way of a store or two. 

Imported Photos 00517

We ran into them again near the exit and we all walked out together.  They headed to the bus for the Pop and us to the Animal Kingdom.

Imported Photos 00522

Today was one of my favorite days ever.  Ryleah LOVED it and the whole day was pretty perfect!

When we got back to the hotel I crashed and Pete went to get a drink.  Again I didn’t see him until the next morning!


2 Responses to “Honeymoon Trip – Day 7”

  1. Beth Says:

    What beautiful, beautiful pictures! I’ve been reading your site for a while (another disney fan here!) and I just had to say that your photos made me happy today. I’m also a huge fan of the Carousel of Progress, and I’d be terribly sad to see it close (which has been rumored). Looking forward to more Disney stories/pics!

  2. Shannon Says:

    AMAZING pictures Lisie! You need to build a big long hallway so you can blow them all up and frame them. I wouldn’t be able to pick just one or 2! So glad y’all had a wonderful day!

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