Happy Birthday Baby!

Today my Sweet Girl turned one!  One year already!  It seems like just yesterday she was born after a LONG labor.  I remember seeing her head popping into this world, and now she can run.  Well walk/waddle really fast!  She had grown so much, she is over 20 pounds now and talking up a storm.  She loves my purse.  Anytime I am there she is walking around with my purse, when I am not there she has a stand in, a box she pretends is my purse.  It is so sweet.

Today was a busy busy day!  We woke up and headed to The Baltimore Cupcake Company It was so cute in there.  We were there as soon as the doors opened.  Then we headed to Laura’s for Birthday Breakfast.  Boy does Alyssa love some pancakes.  My Dad gave Alyssa her gifts.  She is really getting the hang of this opening gifts thing!  After breakfast we headed to Toys R Us.  We needed to get a Mr. Potato Head to go with the two boxes of Potato Head parts we got her in Disney World.

Imported Photos 00147 by you.


  They didn’t have any!!!!  Laura got Alyssa a few things with her gift certificate and then it was back to Laura’s.  Pete and I went to the movies to see Taken…WOW what a good movie!  After the movie we went back to Laura’s for lunch.  Alyssa shared my leftover Pizza.

Last night Pete, Alyssa and I went to get dinner at our favorite Pizza place.  That girl liked her pizza.  It was her first time eating it.  So after lunch Pete and I went to another Toys R Us and we found the photo Album I have been wanting for Alyssa and the Potato Head.  After shopping we came home and Video chatted with Pete’s Dad.  Today is also his birthday.  I still had to wrap Alyssa’s gifts and then we headed back to Laura’s for Birthday Dinner and Singing Happy Birthday and Presents.

Alyssa loved all the presents.

Imported Photos 00150 by you.

Imported Photos 00145 by you.

Imported Photos 00137 by you.

Imported Photos 00133 by you.

Then it was cake time!

Imported Photos 00180 by you.

Of course we all ate some Yummy Cupcakes.

Imported Photos 00170 by you.

Imported Photos 00172 by you.

Imported Photos 00197 by you.

MMMM  So good.  Dinner was great too Laura is turninginto a good cook.   After dinner Alyssa needed a bath.  She was covered in icing!

Imported Photos 00234 by you.

Alyssa loved her gifts.  She had a great birthday.  She is having alot of fun with her new toys.

Last week was her 1st Birthday party and there were about 75 people there.  All of the pictures are here.  It was fun seeing all of our friends and family!   

Honeymoon Trip – Day 9

Ugh….It is getting harder and harder to wake up each day so early!  We though we planned this trip low key, and that is how is started out, BUT there is sooo much to do in WDW that I kept adding things until we were super busy.  I like it that way!

Imported Photos 00741 by you.

Imported Photos 00743 by you.

Imported Photos 00744 by you.

I woke up nice and early today, Sunday and sat outside and enjoyed the view from our room.  It was so pretty!  I woke Pete up and we started getting ready.  We had a very important date at the Castle this morning for breakfast at 8:00am!  We got a bus and were on our way to the Magic Kingdom with no trouble at all. 

Ahhh….When I walk through that train station I get goose bumps! 

Imported Photos 00752 by you.

It is so great!  I love it!  The park was nice and empty since it didn’t technically open for another hour. 

Imported Photos 00753 by you.

Imported Photos 00754 by you.

Imported Photos 00755 by you.

Imported Photos 00756 by you.

We strolled hand in hand up main street and took lots of pictures.  It is just so pretty.  I am happiest standing on Main Street USA in the Magic Kingdom looking at the Castle.  It is my Happy Place for sure.

Imported Photos 00764 by you.

We checked into the Castle and got to meet Cinderella right away.

Imported Photos 00766 by you.

Imported Photos 00775 by you.

Then we headed up the steps and were led to our table by the window overlooking Fantasy Land.  How awesome!  The table was decorated with confetti in the shape of Royal Coaches and castles.

Imported Photos 00779 by you.

Imported Photos 00783 by you.

Ohhh no matter how ofter we do this breakfast (every trip) I love it!  I love being inside the castle.  It is truly something everyone should get to experience.

Imported Photos 00784 by you.

Breakfast was yummy and we met all of the Princesses: Snow White, Aurora,  Mary Poppins (not really a princess, but nice anyway) and Belle. 

Imported Photos 00785 by you.

Imported Photos 00792 by you. When Breakfast was over I made a fast bathroom break, it was packed in there and then we headed out to Fantasy Land.  Of course I checked and someone had already awoke Tinkerbell, maybe next time!  Then Pete tried his luck at the Sword in the Stone….He was not strong enough!

Imported Photos 00799 by you.

I wanted to do a few things this morning that we usually skip over due to time constraints and the like.  First up the Carousel.  I found Cinderella’s horse, but it was up really high and I couldn’t get up on it, well I probably could have, but I picked one that was lower to the ground (remember this)!  It was fun and Pete took tons of picture of me riding.

Imported Photos 00803 by you.

Imported Photos 00810 by you.

I am happy we did this.  I couldn’t get him on a horse, but I enjoyed my 3 minutes!  Then it was time to get off….Remember that horse that was down low when I got on, well now it was really high!  LOL  What was I gonna do?  I tried getting off by sliding down, but then I was doing a split with my leg up near my ear!  LOL  Thank goodness Pete didn’t get any pictures of this.  It was so funny.  I am Thankful I am flexible.  LOL

Imported Photos 00872 by you.

We strolled around and saw a line forming at Toontown, must be to meet Tinkerbell I told Pete.  We got in line for a ride I have not rode since I was like three.  For some reason I always Skip it.  OMG we had so much fun.  Pete was pretending to be scared, then I spun it really fast and he was laughing.  It was great!

Imported Photos 00822 by you.

Imported Photos 00827 by you.

I have saw a picture that my favorite Photographers, The Roots had taken with the spinning tea cups and I tried to recreate that shot.  After 45 tried I got one or two I am semi happy with!

Then I saw Alice and the Mad Hatter getting on the Tea Cups.  How fun!

Imported Photos 00839 by you.

I got a few pictures of them and then we headed over to get in line to meet them.  Pete had never met Alice before!  The shock!  LOL 

Imported Photos 00861 by you.

Now I tried for a Tea Cup picture again.  This one is my favorite.

Imported Photos 00870 by you.

It was almost 10am now so We headed to the line for Toon Town.  We went straight to the Judge’s tent, did not pass go, did not collect $200 dollars, just went right there at rope drop and the line was already 75 minutes long to meet Tinkerbell!  NO WAY!  We were not going to waste that kind of time in a line in the value season!

We got in line for the princesses since it was only 10 minutes.  I lent a lady my Cell phone in line, she was waiting for her husband who had their camera.  She got ahold of him and he met her at the front of the line.  YAY!  her little girls would have pictures.  I was fully ready to offer to take some and email them to her had she not go her husband.

We went into the room and Met Cinderella again, and Sleeping Beauty.  I was so hoping for Belle in the Yellow Dress.  After our meet and greet we went into the store.  Ugh gift shops are Pete’s weakness.  We used a snack credit and got a peanut butter cup and water.

Imported Photos 00878 by you.

Pete took this while I was looking at the Jibbitz.

Imported Photos 00877 by you.

We bought my niece, Alyssa some Mr. Potato head parts and we each picked out our first of many Christmas Tree Ornaments.  Then we jumped on the train and rode a complete circle around the park.  Once we got to the front we got off and headed for the Monorail to the TTC.

Imported Photos 00880 by you.

We were going to spend the afternoon in Animal Kingdom.  At the TTC we went to find the bus for the Animal Kingdom.  This was the longest wait all trip!

We got there around 11:30 and we had ADR’s for noon at Yak & Yeti.  It was early for lunch, but it was all I could get.

Imported Photos 00886 by you.

Imported Photos 00887 by you.

Imported Photos 00888 by you.

We took some pictures and walked around and checked out the sites a bit and then we checked Yak and Yeti.

Imported Photos 00892 by you.

This was the first time here.  Pretty cool inside.  We had a great lunch and we talked.

Imported Photos 00895 by you.

Imported Photos 00903 by you.

I took a percosit for my hurting blister on my foot.  It was god awful!  I was then feeling all kinds of loopy!  LOL 

Imported Photos 00905 by you.

After lunch we went to Expedition Everest and waited in the longest line of our trip.  Like 45-50 minutes.  It is sooo worth it though. 

Imported Photos 00912 by you.

What a great roller coaster.  Took a bunch of Pictures Waiting in Line.

Imported Photos 00914 by you.

Imported Photos 00917 by you.

Has anyone seen this little guy hidden in one of the displays(Love the Mickey Ears):

Imported Photos 00918 by you.

Imported Photos 00921 by you.

I took pictures as we cruised around the mountain.  

Imported Photos 00922 by you.

Imported Photos 00924 by you.

Imported Photos 00925 by you.

Imported Photos 00926 by you.

Imported Photos 00927 by you.

Imported Photos 00930 by you.

Imported Photos 00933 by you.

After our ride we were both tired.  We knew we had a HUGE day tomorrow morning so we headed back to the hotel to rest.

Imported Photos 00935 by you.

I took a wonderful nap.  It was so relaxing!  While I was in the shower Vicki from Peddles called.  She had my Bouquet for the photo shoot tomorrow!  YAY!  I sent Pete down to pick it up and I finished getting ready. 

We had a Date with Mikkel and Jason before dinner.  We were worried about being late and we were feeling so lazy we took a cab to the Grand Floridian.  We got there and were super early!  LOL  figures.  We found a nice sofa and sat and talked about our wonderful day so far.

Imported Photos 00942 by you.

Imported Photos 00943 by you.

Imported Photos 00944 by you.

Not too long passed and Mikkel called they were almost to the Grand Floridian and she had a present for me!

She is the sweetest and soooo did not need to bring me a present, but I am sooo glad that she did!  It was a cake!  Not a real one, but one she decorated and made so I would have a top layer to save.  It is sooo pretty!

Imported Photos 00946 by you.

We headed up to the bar there, and it was sooo freaking loud.  I told her all about the troubles with DCL and what she should do differently.  We looked at my pictures and ohhed and ahhed over them.  It was great to be sitting with her.  Hours of chatting online and phone calls were nothing compared to seeing each other face to face.  Pete and Jason were quite since they would have had to yell to be heard that damn music!  Plus I don’t think Jason was feeling well.  No fruity mixed girly drinks for him!

It was almost time for our Dinner reservations at Narcoosees so we had to tell them goodbye.  Not with out a  few pictures first.  I look goofy in them though.  I don’t think Pete even checked the screen after he took them!

Imported Photos 00949 by you.

We got to Narcoosees and we sat outside and  looked at the Castle!  Sooo pretty!  We had requested a Castle view table so we had to wait like 15 minutes.


Imported Photos 00953 by you.

When we were seated we had special Menu’s that said Congratulations.  It was so nice.  Pete got the lobster and I got the Surf and Turf.

Imported Photos 00958 by you.

YUMMY!  We also got Congratulations deserts.

Imported Photos 00962 by you.

Our Bill was $200!  yikes!  Thank god for the dinning plan.

I wanted to hang out for the fireworks, but Pete convinced me to go to bed.  I did have to get up at 2:50am the next morning! 

We took the monorail to the Magic Kingdom and then the bus to the Animal Kingdom. 

I was asleep by 9:30!  What a long full day!


Sometimes computers suck.  I have spent over an hour trying to register online for the Spring semister and at the end of the reqistration I got bumped off everytime.  UGH….NOw I have to call the admissions offince on Monday!  Blah!

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Honeymoon Trip Day 8

Day eight again…..I was almost done with Day eight and boom my computer just shut down!  Soo weird.  Oh Well here it goes again!  This time in Word first with automatic save every few minutes!


Imported Photos 00525 by you.

Imported Photos 00527 by you.

We were so tired this morning that I went back to sleep as my husband went down to the hot tub for a soak.  One of the best parts of the deluxe hotels is the great spas.  AHhhh!  Wish I was there now.  So once he got back I got up and dressed and we headed to the bus the long way.  We wanted to get a few pictures around the hotel. 

Imported Photos 00526 by you.

Imported Photos 00523 by you.

After a quick stop in the gift shop, my honey’s weakness, we headed to the bus stop.  There was a cast member at the bus stop with a big box that had three holes cut in it.  We had to put our hands in and try to guess what was inside. 

Imported Photos 00529 by you.

Imported Photos 00528 by you.

Imported Photos 00530 by you.

Pete went first, in the first box was a vertebra, and very fitting since Pete is a Chiropractor.  In the next box was a horn and in the last box was a tooth.  I forget what animals they were each from.  Soon as we were done the bus was pulling up.  We were off to Epcot.

Imported Photos 00534 by you.

We of course had the pictures taken with the “Ball” first.

image160 by you.

image152 by you.

Then we jumped in line for Spaceship Earth.  This line was like 30-40 minutes long.  How crazy!  I loved the new updates, but missed Snow White and Dopey dancing. 

Imported Photos 00541 by you.

Imported Photos 00569 by you.

Imported Photos 00595 by you.

We had to stop for pins (of course, they are just next to gift shops in Pete’s eyes) then we stopped for sun block since someone forgot to lotion up this morning…..nope not me, I never forget!

Imported Photos 00610 by you.

Imported Photos 00612 by you.

Imported Photos 00613 by you.


There was a boat getting ready to go to Italy and that is right where we had lunch reservations.

Imported Photos 00617 by you.

We had never eaten at Tutto Italia Ristorante but I highly recommend it. YUM!  We had a great waitress who explained to us about how Disney finds the employees to work in the world showcase and how they get working visas and can only work in the country they were assigned to.  She was a bit homesick and said she cannot wait to get home to see her family.

Imported Photos 00618 by you.

We explored “Italy” when we were done and bought three bottles of Rosa Regale. 

Imported Photos 00632 by you.

We had them delivered to the front of the park to pick up at the end of the day.  Surprisingly you cannot have alcohol delivered right to your hotel.

Imported Photos 00635 by you.

After Italy we headed to Germany and Pete got a Renesburger Sausage on a Pretzel Roll.  We had just eaten lunch!  LOL

Imported Photos 00637 by you.

Imported Photos 00640 by you.

Imported Photos 00644 by you.

The Food and Wine Festival had brought sooo many people to Epcot today.  I knew it would be crowed since it was the last weekend of the Food and Wine Fest, but WOW!  It was actually to crowded to enjoy the beauty of it all.

We decided to check out America, since we usually skip it (I mean we live here every day!).  We went to the Sam Adams tasting demo but it was full so we had an hour or so until the next one so we went to see Voices of Liberty and the American Adventure.  They were both great and I am so glad we took the time to do them this trip!

Imported Photos 00647 by you.

Imported Photos 00648 by you.

Imported Photos 00650 by you.

We got in line for the Sam Adams tasting demo.  I am not a Sam Adams drinker so Pete got double free beer.

Imported Photos 00655 by you.

Imported Photos 00661 by you.

Imported Photos 00662 by you.

We also got free key chain bottle openers; I proceeded to get my thumb stuck in it. 

Imported Photos 00663 by you.

I spent the rest of the demo trying to get it out….I did finally, if not typing this would be really hard.  LOL  Did you know Sam Adams makes a special Food and Wine Brew just for the Festival each year?  Brandon, my brother in law is so excited to try it when we go in October/November 2009. 

Our plan was to meander through the countries, but the crowds were everywhere.  It was packed!  After we left America (after looking at pins and the DVC booth) we went to Japan and Morocco.

Imported Photos 00664 by you.

Imported Photos 00665 by you.

Imported Photos 00669 by you.

Imported Photos 00670 by you.

Imported Photos 00671 by you.

Imported Photos 00672 by you.

I spotted the Beast, but the line was so long and they closed it soon as we got there.  I was happy just getting a picture. 

Imported Photos 00673 by you.

France….I have been looking forward to France since I saw Sandra Brown’s special. 

Imported Photos 00681 by you.

I needed a Grey Goose Lemon Slushy.  Pete had the Grand Marnier Orange Slushy.  Best $9 drinks I have ever tasted!

Imported Photos 00674 by you.

Imported Photos 00675 by you.

As we were heading over the bridge near the International Gateway I spotted the Disney Tattoo Guy!  I ran behind him trying to get a picture.  Pete was beyond embarrassed!  LOL

Imported Photos 00677 by you.

Imported Photos 00678 by you.

I got my shot and agreed to stop for a Disney Photo Pass picture with the Eiffel Tower.  See we got our lovely yummy slushies in the picture too!

image169 by you.

As we headed into the UK I saw the Tattoo guy AGAIN.  Ok this time I handed Pete the camera and told him to get a picture.  Then I walked up to him and asked to take a picture with him.  Wow, it was like meeting a celebrity! 

Imported Photos 00686 by you.

Pete again was mortified.  LOL  We talked a few times and he told me he had over 2000 Disney Tattoos, more than anyone in the world.  How awesome.  Now it has me thinking I want to cover up my Lady Bugs with a Mickey Mouse Tattoo…..but then I remember the pain….ugh! 

After meeting the celebrity we walked through Canada and talked about how good our dinner was there last year.  Then we bought a Mickey head spinning metal thing to hang up outside.  It is pretty cool.  We checked out a few other stands then sat on a bench and watched the monorail.

Imported Photos 00690 by you.

I love it.  We rested and talked and then called to check on my sister and my favorite baby.  A really nice CM came and talked for ever…so long we gave up our great seats cause we needed to get away.  LOL 

Imported Photos 00692 by you.

We had a quick bathroom break and then headed into the Figment ride.  It was a first for both of us.

Imported Photos 00694 by you.

Not a great ride, BUT the CMs in the shop after the ride had the best pins.  I think we got like 4 or 5 great ones there.  Pete said we will need to go there next year just to scope out the pins.  LOL

It was almost dinner time so we headed to the Coral Reef and I checked us in. 

Imported Photos 00701 by you.

They said it will be 40 minutes or so.  I used this time to call Mikkel!

Imported Photos 00704 by you.

We talked for the entire 55 minutes that we waited.  Finally I got to talk to her and tell her all about the wedding.  We saw a Bride and her wedding party walking to what I assume was her reception at the Coral Reef.  She looked pretty and I LOVED her bridesmaid dresses!

Wedding at Epcot by you.

Wedding at Epcot by you.

Finally our buzzer buzzed and we headed in.  I was so excited.  I had a surprise for my HUSBAND!!!

They led us to our table and we were right next to the glass.  We were in awe over how pretty it was inside.  They handed us our menus and Pete got the first surprise.  He opened the menu and it was full of pictures of US!

 Imported Photos 00708 by you.

He was so surprised, it was so cute.  He kept asking me how I did this.  We placed our order and started watching the divers and fish (AND SHARKS) and talking about our day.

Imported Photos 00716 by you.

Imported Photos 00712 by you.

Imported Photos 00713 by you.

It was nice.  Then a diver swam towards the window and Pete said “Look he is holding a sign….wonder if it says help me?”  They unrolled the sign and held it up to the window and Pete started reading it and his eyes teared up and he looked over at me and was like “How?”  LOL  The Sign said “Pete, The Day I Married You All of My Dreams Came True, Love Lisa”. 

Imported Photos 00717 by you.

YAY….He was surprised.  I was so happy.  They later brought us the sign so we can keep it forever!  We had a great dinner.  It was so good!

Imported Photos 00723 by you.

After dinner we were heading out and ran into Pete’s “Friends”, people he met at the pool during his drink runs at night.  They took a picture of us together. 

Imported Photos 00731 by you.

We headed out even thought the fireworks were starting.  We were tired and wanted to get to bed.  We did stop for a few pictures of Spaceship Earth all lit up.

Imported Photos 00736 by you.

image189 by you.

The bus was waiting for us when we got to the stop and we were back at the hotel in no time. 

Light at the Animal Kingdom Lodge by you. 

Light at the Animal Kingdom Lodge by you.

Lights in the Hallway on the way back to our room.

It’s All in a Name

This is a topic that I’ve been hunted by for a while now. Ever since Pete and I got engaged, really. I would like someone else’s input besides my co-workers. The question that’s been the source of so much pondering? What to call my in-laws now that we are married.

Lots of people call each other’s parents “Mom” and “Dad”.  That is how they refer to themselves. It’s something that lots of people are very comfortable with, and have no problems doing it. Me? I’m more uncomfortable with the idea that I’m calling someone who didn’t raise me by the names I give my parents.  My Mom isn’t here, I can not even think of calling someone else “Mom”.  That is a sacred name and I can’t use it on someone else.  No matter how great they are.

Up until this point, I’ve avoided calling Pete’s parents anything.  I call them excuse me.  As in “Excuse me, would you like more Tea?”  “Excuse me, can you hand me the remote”.   Pete has told me to call them by their first names, but I haven’t done that.  I was not raised to call adults by their first names.  Sure I am an adult, but I am not old.   So Miss Eve and Mr. Ray seem like a good idea, right……wrong.  In NJ it is odd to do that.  No one does it so his parents laugh at it and think it is weird.  I feel weird calling them Mr. & Mrs. since I am too Mrs. Reese.  I think of them as Mama Reese and P. Daddy.  That is how they are in my cell phone, tha tis what I call them while talking about them to Pete but I don’t know if I feel comfortable calling them that to their faces.  I can’t wait til we have kids so I can just call them Grampa and Grandma.

  Answer me this, – What do you call your in-laws?

New Years Quiz

1. What did you do in 2008 that you’d never done before?

Got Married!

2. Did you keep your new year’s resolutions, and will you make more for next year?

I don’t normally make resolutions so nope.

3. Did anyone close to you give birth?

Mysister had sweet Alyssa.

4. Did anyone close to you die?

There were a few Deaths, but thankfully no one really close to me.

5. What countries did you visit?

Mexico & the Bahamas

6. What would you like to have in 2009 that you lacked in 2008?

Extra Money

7. What dates from 2008 will remain etched upon your memory, and why?

Jan. 31st-Alyssa’s Birthday & November 4th-My Wedding Day

8. What was your biggest achievement of the year?

Planning a Great Wedding Trip for everyone!

9. What was your biggest failure?

Not saving and extra money and not paying off all of our credit cards.

10. Did you suffer illness or injury?

Nope, I am a heathly Gal!

11. What was the best thing you bought?

My New Camera

12. Whose behavior merited celebration?

Pete’s – He put up with me through all the Wedding-Ness

13. Whose behavior made you appalled and depressed?

I would rather not say.

14. Where did most of your money go?


15. What did you get really, really, really excited about?

Becoming a Wife

16. What song will always remind you of 2008?

Going to the Chapel and we’er gonna get married…..

17. Compared to this time last year, are you:
a) happier
or sadder?
b) thinner
or fatter?
c) richer or poorer?

18. What do you wish you’d done more of?

Vacations LOL Make more money too. LOL.

19. What do you wish you’d done less of?


20. How did you spend Christmas?

With my family, Laura, Brandon, Alyssa & Dad

21. Did you fall in love in 2008?

Yes, I fall more in love with Pete more and more each day.

22. What was your favorite TV program?

Criminal Minds & Grey’s

23. Do you hate anyone now that you didn’t hate this time last year?

Nope, I hate the same people

24. What was the best book you read?

Secret Life of Bees

25. What was your greatest musical discovery?

None really

26. What did you want and get?

A Camera, Wedding, Vacation, a SHOWER (it was so fabulous) and a New Bed!

27. What did you want and not get?

A new TV

28. What was your favorite film of this year?

27 Dresses

29. What did you do on your birthday, and how old were you?

We went to Ocean City and I was 30 ekkk this year

30. What one thing would have made your year immeasurably more satisfying?

Winning the Lottery!

31. How would you describe your personal fashion concept in 2008?

Comfy and Cute

32. What kept you sane?

My family. 

33. Which celebrity/public figure did you fancy the most?

No one in particular.

34. What political issue stirred you the most?

LOL the same one that stirred everyone, the presidential election.

35. Who did you miss?

My Mom

36. Who was the best new person you met?

Mikkel – She is a great girl!

37. Tell us a valuable life lesson you learned in 2008.

Have no clue, something involing living life to the fullest and just embracing each day! All stuff  I already knew.

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Alyssa 2008

I know I talk about her so much, but I am just in love with my sweet niece, Alyssa.  She came into this world in January of 2008 and our lives changed forever.  Pete and I adore this sweet sweet baby!  I know alot of people have done reviews of 2008 and here is mine…

January 2008

Alyssa May Stickles

February 2008


March 2008


April 2008

Little Princess

May 2008

Soooo Pretty!

June 2008


 July 2008

Rag Head

August 2008



September 2008

Making Dinner 2

October 2008

Imported Photos 01234

November 2008

Imported Photos 00550 - Copy

December 2008


Imported Photos 00612