Honeymoon Trip – Day 10

2:50am…..Beep Beep Beep….Ring Ring Ring.  I am wide awake!  The alarm is going off and the wake up call is ringing in.  I am awake and it is not even 3am.  YAWN! 

I got up and jump in the tub.  I took a nice baththen a shower to wash my hair.  When I got out of the bath I woke Pete up.  It was about 3:30 am.  He didn’t want to get up so I told him that he can go back to sleep for a while.  I started blow drying my hair.  I had lent my curling iron to Crystal on the cruise and I didn’t have it…Damn it.  So I wasn’t going to be able to put my hair up in rollers, I need the curling iron to finish it off.  Plus I was super tired.  It was the 10th day of our trip and we had enjoyed a long vacation so far.  We were beat!  It takes me 45 minutes to blow dry my hair, then I started in on my makeup.  I wanted it to look really good, but it ended up only looking like my normal makeup.  I was too tired to care.

Today was the day of our Magic Kingdom & Epcot Photo shoots.  These pictures should have been taken 3 days ago, 3 parks ago, but do to rescheduling of the castle show practices we had to be rescheduled.  We did get a nice upgrade because of it. 

Pete woke up and finished his ironing and then he helped me into my dress!  Ahhh I love my dress.  It is so pretty.  I feel like a princess when ever I wear it.  We were all ready when Amy called to tell us she was in the lobby.  The time is now 4:45am!!!! 

We headed to the Lobby when Pete realized we forgot our Mickey Ears.  I so wanted a picture of us looking at the Castle with out ears on so Pete ran back to the room.  I slowly made my way to the lobby I was carrying my flowers.

Posted Image

Everyone I passed congratulated me.  EKKK!  It was like a wedding day all over.  When I got to the lobby I gave Amy a stack of pictures that I loved, styles I wanted recreated.  I knew right away that she was going to be great to work with.  I was upset we forgot our Point and Shoot.  I have no backstage pictures.  I will have to keep my mental pictures in my mind forever! 

We set up the Magic Kingdom and Epcot Photo shoots through Disney Fairytale Weddings.  You have to have a Disney Wedding to be illagable for the shoot.  It is a once in a lifetime experience.  

They drove us into the Magic Kingdom through a backstage entrance.  We drove in over near Space Mountain and drove up to the Carousel, near the castle.  It was AMAZING to be inside the park all alone, so very early.  The first look of the castle made me tear up.  Pete warned me not to cry or I would mess up my make up.   The park was a buzz of activity.  There were people painting the outside of TinkerBell’s shop and the fountain.  That is why we don’t have any Cinderella’s fountainpictures.  There were people cutting the grass, in the dark with push mowers that had big headlights attached to the front!  It was so awesome to see….I walked around in amazement!  I cry every time I see the castle and to be there, all alone like it was my castle….It was just over the top!

We first took pictures near the Partners Statue.

Posted Image

I didn’t want alot from this angle so we just got a few, then we moved to the ramps.

Posted Image

I love the ramp pictures.  Amy set up the light and took some awesome pictures.  Then we moved to the archway.

Posted Image

I didn’t get the arch picture I wanted but i got a few good ones.  We also took pictures right in front of the Castle….These are my favorites!  They turned out so good!

Posted ImagePosted Image

After that we headed into the castle.  EKKK!  We took a few pictures in the Lobby of Cinderella’s Royal Table.

Posted Image

Then we took some in front of the Christmas Tree they had set up, we used these for our Christmas card. 

Then we went into a secret door into the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique….Where little girls can have makeovers and turn into real life princesses.

Posted Image


Posted Image

Posted Image



 I didn’t want a whole lot of pictures inside.  I wanted picture of MY Castle!  

We headed outside and went up into the Balcony in the back of the Castle and got pictures taken overlooking Fantasy Land.  Amy was very good about not taking pictures up our nose.  I have saw many Balcony shots where it looks like the photographer was right under the couple.  Amy had to get the workers to move thier lights and stuff,  I was so afraid I was going to drop my bouquet during these pictures.  I held on to it for every shot. 

Posted Image

We got back into the van and drove to the bridge by Frontier Land.  I wanted Main Street shots, but the Christmas decorations were all up.  We were married in the beginning of November,not December.  I didn’t want Christmas decorations all in my Wedding pictures.  We got to the bridge, the pictures I really wanted!  This is my favorite Castle viewing location.  I love pictures taken here.  I take Castle pictures every time from this very space!

Posted Image

Posted Image


Amy was great she took the pictures with the Castle, then she took the pictures of us looking at the Castle with out Mickey Ears. 

Posted Image

Then Amy climbed up on a stool, borrowed from the snack shop right there, Sleepy Hallow.  She got one of my favorite pictures of all time.  LOVE IT.

Posted Image


I love this one too…

Posted Image


Then we loaded back into the van and traveled to the area near Splash Mountain.  The sun was coming up and we got great pictures of us watching it from the bridge over near Splash Mountain. 

Posted Image

Once again we jumped back into the van.  We talked about other photo shoots and we drove out of the park through the entrance where the parade floats enter.  We drove to Epcot using back roads.  I told her about the countries I wanted to visit, but really I had the pictures I came for.  I wanted BED! 

We entered into the World Showcase through a back gate near Morocco.  We went to France first.  I liked a few of the outside pictures, but not the inside ones.  We took lots of french pictures! 

Posted Image

After France I had told Amy that I needed pictures in Italy but another Disney Bride was having her wedding there in like an hour.  So we hirried up and got to Italy.  I didn’t get to see Linda, but I saw her husband and family there.  We hurried through Italy and I didn’t get all the shots I wanted.

Posted Image

Germany is right next to Italy so we went there and took a few pictures.  Pete’s parents are German, like Grandparents right from Germany German, so I knew they would love these pictures.

Posted Image

We went to Morocco last, I wanted to do Japan also, but we were so tired. 

Posted Image

We took some pictures around Morocco and then a few with the Epcot Ball, and then we headed back to our hotel.  

Posted Image

Why was out room so far away from the front desk….I drug myself to the room and got SOOO many congratulations along the way.  Soon as I got into the room Pete helped me strip!  All of that Wedding gear is heavy after hours and hours.  It was 8:30am when we got home.  Looking back onit we should have went to MGM, but instead we crawled into bed and went to sleep.  We slept through our 12pm dining reservations and our 1pm dining reservations.  I made two in case we were tired!  LOL  

We woke up around 1pm and headed to the Mara to get burgers for lunch.  After lunch we went swimming in the pool and then for a soak in the hot tub.  It was great.  When I was done my soak I fell asleep by the hot tub.  Pete woke me up and I went up to the room and slept for another hour.  Bot waking up before 3am can tire you out!  

I woke up from my nap and showered and we headed to Downtown Disney.

We played in the fountain, not getting really wet!

Posted Image

Then we hit up the Christmas show and boy did we shop!  We got great things, ornaments, a Tree Skirt and some gifts.

Posted Image

We went into Once Upon a Toy and filled another Box of Mister Potato Head parts for Alyssa. We also got a Magical Moments Certificate.

 Posted Image

We used some snack credits in Goofy’s Candy shop before heading back to the Animal Kingdom Lodge.

Posted Image

Posted Image

We had dinner reservations for Jiko at 8:30pm. We were seated next to a great couple. We talked to them through our whole meal. The staff brought us a congratulations card signed by all of the staff in their native language. They were all from different parts of Africa! How Awesome! It is something I will keep forever.

Posted Image

The Pistachio Creme Brulee was to die for! YUM!

After desert we headed back to bed. I was still so tired. Our vacation as winding down and so was I. It was nice to crawl into bed. I was asleep before Pete was done showering! He went to the Mara for a drink then he hit the sack too! What an exciting day!!!!


3 Responses to “Honeymoon Trip – Day 10”

  1. mamamichele Says:

    ohhhhh. There is not ONE of those shots that doesnt give me goosebumps every single time I see them. Your faiytale is complete.. well maybe missing a little prince and a tiny princess or two. 🙂

  2. Lisanne Says:

    I have two favorite photos ~ the one where you two are sitting at the table holding hands with your bouquet, and the one where you are in the little girls’ dress-up room sitting on the sofa. Those are WONDERFUL!!! But I like your favorite one, too, with the castle. I wondered how you were able to do Christmas photo cards from Disney! hehe 🙂 Sounds like an exciting day ~ wow, it’s like you got to be a bride SEVERAL times rather than just once!

  3. shannon Says:

    I just love all the Disney pictures. They are all so magical!

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