I am Famous!

Passporter cover by you.

My Wedding is featured in this book!  Well parts of it.  A few months ago I was approached by the author and asked if she couls use some of my pictures.  She choose one that Michele’s husband Steven took, one Laura took of the cake and two I took, one of the Wind Surfers on Castaway Cay and one of the Strawberries and Champaign that was delivered to our room. during the cruise!

Then she asked me for permission to use an actual picture of Pete and I during our civil ceromony!  Of course I said YES!  Now everone planning a Disney Wedding will see us getting married! 


In this picture you can See Jason setting up our Video-ing equipment and Pete’s parents sitting in the chairs.

This is the Picture of our Civil Ceromony that took place while we were still in Port.


Here is my Cake!

And here is the Chocolate Covered Strawberries on the left page and the Wind Surfers on the right.

I am so excited and proud to be picked to be in the book!  My wedding was a dream come true and I love other people will benefit from it!

5 Responses to “I am Famous!”

  1. cady Says:

    how cool is that?! i’d be so excited!

  2. mamamichele Says:

    Steve is so tickled. He said. “hmm Im a published photographer.. I will now have to start charging people a sitting fee” LOL

  3. Lisanne Says:

    That’s wonderful, Lisa! Very exciting!

  4. shannon Says:

    Woot! Congrats!

  5. Ani Says:

    Pretty cool!!!!!!!

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