This weekend was so nice.  Friday night I went shopping with my sister and Sweet Baby Alyssa.  We went to dinner and got some last minute gifts. 

Valentines Day I woke up and the first words Pete said to me were “I love you, Happy Valentines Day Baby!”  Awe…..I got up and kissed him, I let him sleep in.  I went downstairs and started roasting a chicken.  I was planning a Valentines Day Picnic.  I made chicken salad, Cream Cheese stuffed celery sticks and Pete’s favorite Dip, with chips and pretzels.  I got everything made and Pete woke up.  We exchanged gifts.  He got me the Tinkerbell Movie and some candy and a great card.  I started feeling weird and needed a nap.  I don’t know what was wrong with me, it was only 10am.

Pete sent me up for a nap and told me he would only let me sleep a half hour.  Well when he came to wake me up I was sleeping so peacfully he crawled into bed with me.  We napped for over two hours!  Then we woke up and spent another 2 hours in bed.  **Wink Wink**.

Once we got up it was after 2pm and our picnic was off.  We had the picnic in the living room instead.  I worked on our honeymoon photo album.  We weren’t hungry when it was time to have dinner we went to the movies instead!  But not before we had desert.  I had baked brownies and I filled a margarita glass with rasberries, chocolate sauce, the brownies and whopped cream.  It was so yummy!!!

Before the movie we went to visit our favorite Valentine, Alyssa.  We had gotten her a sterling silver necklace and little silver heart charm.  It looked so cute on her.  She got us a great Aunt and Uncle card.  My Dad had left me a little box on Candy at my sisters.  I think it is so sweet that my Dad still thinks of Laura and I as his Valentines.  There is a little candy shop near my house called Rheb’s and they have the best chocolates.  My Dad got us each a little chocolate crab and a small box of candy, it had 6 pieces in it and he hand picked each one.  They were all my favorites!  I have the best dad! 

We went to see the ever so romantic Friday the 13th.  The Movie Theature we go to is a little neighborhood theature that NEVER is crowded.  Well apparently we were not the only ones looking for scary romance.  It was PACKED!  The most outragous movie go-er was the 4 year old little girl in front of us!  There was lots of death and sex and nakedness!  She talked the entire time while her mother yelled at her to cover her yes and to “shut the Hell up or I will give you a Black Eye”.  If that isn’t trash at it’s best!

After the movie we had some left overs from our picnic.  Then we snuggled up and went back to bed!  It was a great Valentines day!

Yesterday we had Alyssa all day!  She is the best baby ever.  We went to visit Dakoda and Crystal.  Alyssa loves kids and had a great great time playing with Dakoda.  After our visit we came home and played for hours.  I have the best time when I am with her.  We had lunch then Alyssa and I went upstairs and we snuggled up in my bed and took a nap for a few hours. 

Pete needed eye glass cleaner so we went to the Mall.  We walked all around with a few stops in the Disney Store.  That 1 year old LOVES Mickey Mouse!  After shopping we headed home and I fed Alyssa dinner and got her jammies on and then Pete and I were off duty.

We got home after 8pm and just hung out until it was time for Big Love.  OMG it was so good…did anyone watch?  That Nikki is a bitch.  I can not wait untilnext weeks episode!

Tonight we had our Valentine’s Day Dinner.  We had Steak and Crab Cakes.  I make a damn good crab cake!  YUM!!!  Now I am blogging and watching the Tinkerbell movie.  That Tink is a real trouble maker…LOL!

I hope you all had a great Valentine’d Day!

6 Responses to “L-O-V-E”

  1. Jenna Says:

    you sure did have a great valentines day!!!

    thats so funny alyssa loves mickey mouse!! maybe one day she’ll be a disney bride! haha

  2. Ani Says:

    Glad you had such a nice Valentine’s Day.

    We’ve been watching Big Love since the beginning. Love it. I agree about Nikki.

  3. Michele Lane Says:

    awww. what a delightful weekend! Your Dad is so in love with you girls. Its sweet to see the ways he goes out of his way to spoil you. (ahem.. shaving certain mice in his hairdo?) I love it. Steven still talks about what a fun time they had hanging out on the cruise.

    What is Big Love?

  4. cady Says:

    ok, i cannot wait until this season gets on itunes. i’m dying to see what’s going on!

  5. Lisanne Says:

    Sounds like a wonderful weekend (although you felt kind of crappy ~ glad it was nothing). Great gifts! You will have to make me some crab cakes sometime. 🙂

  6. shannon Says:

    Glad you had a great weekend! No fair to post about Alyssa without pics of that cutie! 🙂
    And I’m SO jealous you get to watch Big Love. Nikki is a beeeyotch! But don’t tell me why! I have to wait for the DVD for this season!

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