Honeymoon ~ Day 11

Today was our last day at Walt Disney World. It was a long good vacation and I was sad that it was almost over. Tonight we had tickets to the Christmas Party so we were taking it easy today. We slept in then headed to Boma for a great Breakfast.

Imported Photos 00998 by you.

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 Everything was so good. The juice is to die for! We went back to our room and took showers and maybe a nap. We were still tired from the day before!  We took some more pictures around the Hotel on the way to the bus.

Imported Photos 01007 by you.

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We got a bus to the Magic Kingdom around 3pm.  Doesn’t Pete look cute on the Bus.

Imported Photos 01010 by you.

 I love everything about the Magic Kingdom. It is my very favorite place on earth.

Imported Photos 01012 by you.

We did alot of shopping up and down Main Street. It was so relaxing to meander in and out of the shops. We shipped alot of items home instead of worrying about stuffing them into our already over packed luggage!

Imported Photos 01015 by you.

I love this painting so much!  We bought a print of it and still need to get it framed.

Imported Photos 01016 by you.

I love all of the hidden out of the way nooks in the Magic Kingdom.

Imported Photos 01021 by you.

These are what $7 ballons look like.

Imported Photos 01022 by you.

We had reservations for Tony’s Town Square again.

Imported Photos 01024 by you.

 Pete can not get enough Calamari.

Imported Photos 01038 by you.

Our reservations were for 4:30 or 5pm. Right when Tony’s opened. When we were waiting for them to call our name we did a little pin trading. I love these Pins so much! When we were trading with the guy at the front counter he told Pete he had a phone call for him. When Pete got on the Phone it was Mickey and Minnie congradulating him on getting married! So cute. I got to listen next.

Imported Photos 01025 by you.

We had a wonderful dinner and everyone congratulated us with a napkin twirl! Our table was all decorated here too! I don’t know what I am going to do with out all the special touches when we go in October/November!

Imported Photos 01037 by you.

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After dinner it was almost time for the party to start so we got our party braclettes and posed for pictures in front of the castle.

image255 by you.image261 by you.

image270 by you.image274 by you.

We took a few pictures then headed to the show.

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 The first showing of Twas the Night before Christmas was at 7pm.

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We got to the theature around 6 to get good seats. It was already half full! The show was really cute! I enjoyed it so much. I called Miss Joyce (my Step Mom) to thank her for buying us the tickets to the party as a shower gift. I loved how empty the park was.

We a few more pictures crossing the park.

image293 by you.image300 by you.

image302 by you.image279 by you.

image288 by you.image283 by you.

image329 by you.image321 by you.

We went and rode Pirates of the Caribbean. We got a boat all to ourselves. It was our “Honeymoon Cruise”.

Imported Photos 01130 by you.

Imported Photos 01138 by you.

We walked around and enjoyed being in the park with each other. It was so peaceful and a great way to end a great trip!

Imported Photos 01153 by you.

We headed to the Tommorrowland Noodle Station and got a great seat right near the railing. I had pictures to take! The fireworks was amazing. Not as good as Wishes, but they were outstanding!

Imported Photos 01181 by you.

Imported Photos 01183 by you.

Imported Photos 01261 by you.

Imported Photos 01264 by you.

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Imported Photos 01284 by you.


After the fireworks we went in a few more stores and walked around some more before grabbing a few hotdogs at Casey’s.

Imported Photos 01297 by you.

We sat and watched some ducks play as we ate and talked about how unforgetable our vacation had been!

Imported Photos 01298 by you.

We headed to main street to get a spot for the 2nd parade. It was cute, but I think I like the electricail parade better in the dark. I think this would have been a great afternoon parade though.

Imported Photos 01302 by you.Imported Photos 01305 by you.

I did love how they had it snowing on Main Street!  What a great touch! 

We had a few snack credits left so we went to the Candy store to get a few things to take home with us.

Imported Photos 01301 by you.

Pete tried on a grooms top hat that didn’t come close to fitting his big head! LOL

Imported Photos 01299 by you.

Then we went to the Bakery and Pete got the biggest Ice Cream Sandwich ever! I got a Tea. We sat in the bakery and ate and talked more. This was so relaxing.

Imported Photos 01307 by you. 

Imported Photos 01306 by you.

We took a few more photopass pictures

image334 by you.

image338 by you.

We got really good seats for the Castle show! This was a great show.

Imported Photos 01339 by you.

Imported Photos 01314 by you.

Imported Photos 01311 by you.

Imported Photos 01331 by you.

Imported Photos 01322 by you.

Imported Photos 01320 by you.

By now it was close to midnight, so I set up the tripod and took some great Castle pictures before we headed out of the park for the last time for about a year!

Imported Photos 01383 by you.Imported Photos 01387 by you.

Imported Photos 01416 by you.

Imported Photos 01417 by you.

Imported Photos 01342 by you.


Don’t worry you will see us real soon!!!!

Imported Photos 01420 by you.

One Response to “Honeymoon ~ Day 11”

  1. shannon Says:

    The castle looks amazing! Did you have to buy all those pics with the Disney borders?

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