Honeymoon Trip – Day 12 – The End!

 We woke up today super sad.  We were leaving today!  I let Pete sleep in and I started packing.  I watched TV, had to get my last fill of Stacey and the countdown.  I got everything packed and repacked.  I showered and then woke Pete up.  While he showered I sat on the balcony and just thought long and hard about the trip, about how super wonderful it was!

We took our luggage down to the front to check in for the airport.  On pag was just at 50 pounds and I know there was an oversized one, but thankfully we didn’t get charged.

We headed to Boma for our last breakfast!  It was just as good as the day before.  I didn’t take any pictures this day.  I just didn’t feel like it.  I was sad we were leaving. 

We went to check in for the Magical Express around 12:30pm.  Our bus wasn’t coming until 1pm so I napped on the sofas in the lobby.  LOL

When the Magical Express came we got on and sat in the front.  Then these horrible ladies jumped on and were so nasty then they realized we were going to the airport and not the Magic Kingdom.  I think it would have been so funny for them to show up at the airport.  LOL

Once we got to the airport we headed for our gate and started waiting.  We were 2.5 hours early.  So we waited and waited. 

We finally got on the plane and headed home.  My Sister met us at the airport and she had decorated our car with Just Married wedding clings.  We went home and dropped Pete and my niece off, we said hi to Pete’s parents and then My Sister and I headed to the hospital.  My Grandfather was having Open Heart Surgery the next day.  We sat and talked to him, I gave him a Wedding Picture and I was so happy to go see him.

After the hospital I got home and climbed into my own bed and went fast asleep!  I was so happy to be in my own bed! 

The next day my Grandfather had his surgery and he is all well now!


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