I am so excited.  I paid off our Cruise for November!  YAY!  I have also paid off our room for the park.  I am only left with the bill for the tickets now!  I can not wait for this vacation!  Alyssa is going to love WDW!  I know she will.  Pete and I are so looking forward to this trip!  I have been scouting out airfare and there seems to be some good cheap prices out there!  I am waiting until Southwest releases their airfare prices for October and November before I book anything!

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3 Responses to “PAID IN FULL”

  1. mamamichele Says:

    very cool. I am of course very jealous. 🙂 It feels good to have it all paid off though. kinda like “Phew! Now, lets party.”

  2. Beth Says:

    which hotel did you choose? i am so jealous 🙂

  3. rachel Says:

    Lucky you! We are going to Belgium in the fall but we still owe some $$. I want to pay it off now!

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