At Home Wedding Reception

So we were totally out of our minds and had an at home reception just 4 days after returning from our 12 day wedding trip!!!

Nuts right?  Well we needed (wanted) to have the reception while Pete’s parents were still visiting. 

When we decided to have an at home reception we tossed around alot of Ideas.  We wanted a party that we didn’t have to cook or clean up.  We wanted to enjoy ourselves.  I shopped around and found the best location that we could afford.  We paid for the reception (and alot of the wedding ourselves). 

I prepared alot of things for the reception before our trip and then ran around and did last minute things once we were home from Disney.

This was the table decor.  The reception site did not use enough crystals or enough lime slices….but whatever!

Tables by you.

This is our Guest Book Table.   We got our guest book from the Guest Book Store.  I loved it and alot of guest really liked it too. 

Guest Book Table by you.

This is our Cake.  We bought it from a lady who doesn’t really do cakes per se, but made my awesome awesome awesome Shower Cake.  She made the cake and I decorated it with the flowers that I got at the market the day before the reception.  We re used our Mickey and Minnie Cake Topper and used the knife set that was Pete’s Parent’s.

Cake by you.

Ok now onto the recap.

I woke up and started getting ready.  I was so excited.  THEN Pete’s friend showed up at our house at 10am!!!!!  Oh I was mad.  I mean we already had four adult that needed to get ready and now his friend and his 2 kids were there.  Pete knew I was angry.  So I got ready and then Pete and I went to pick up the cake and headed to the reception hall.  Pete dropped me off and I went into the Bridal Suite and hung up my dress and then went to supervise the set up!  I got them to fix some things, but didn’t notice the limes and crystals until it was too late. 

The DJ got there early.  so I was there to go over a few things with him.  Then my Aunt and cousins showed up and Laura, Brandon and Alyssa.  I was happy to see my sister.  She helped me into my dress and we started the debate.  DO I wear the sleeves or do I wear the veil.  I couldn’t wear both it didn’t look right.  I went with the sleeves since it was chilly!  When I was done getting ready I went out to the hall and Pete and his parents were there.  I was glad Pete was there as our guests started to arrive.  We invited over 200 people and had about 150 people!  There were over 20 no shows….which made me mad since we paid per head!!!!  I knew I should have fudged the numbers some!

Alyssa, Dad and Me. by you.

We stood near the door and greeted our guests.

I was so very happy to see Ani and her family!  She came from New York to celebrate with us.

Me and Ani by you.

I was also glad my Great Grandmother came.  She is my Dad’s Grandmother and is 90 years old.

Grandmaw and Me by you.

We sat down and they started calling tables to go into the food room. 

Dinner by you.

 I liked that the hordorves were set up in the main room but the real food was set up in a separate room.  We had Roast Beef, Ham, Bake Ziti, Green Beans, Mixed Veggies, Two types of Potatoes, rolls and condiments.  We starters we had Meatballs, Cheese and Fruit and Salad.

Appetizers by you.

After dinner Laura and Edwin gave their speeches.   They were so great!  We were touched that people cared about us so much to say the awesome things they had to say.  I love my sister so much!  She made the whole room laugh!

Laura's Speach by you.Best Man Speach by you.

After the speeches Pete and I had a second 1st dance.  It was nice!  Then I danced with my Daddy and Pete danced with his mom.


2nd First Dance by you.Kissing during our 2nd First Dance by you.

Me & My Daddy by you.

Pete and his Mom Dancing by you.

I walked around and visited with alot of our guests.  I don’t really know what Pete did.  LOL  There were so many people. 

This is me and my bridesmaids.  Shannon couldn’t make it, but the other three were there wearing their dresses!

Laura, Nikki Me and Crystal by you.

Here is me and my Grandmother.  She has Alzheimer’s and didn’t know where she was, but I love this picture and I am so glad she was there with me.

Me and my Grandmom! by you.

This is Ryleah, my sweet flower girl and I showing off our princess poses.

Our "Princess Pose" by you.

Now it was cake cutting time!  We didn’t smash cake on the cruise because I had to wear my dress two more times.  This is the last time so we had at it.  Now the photographer missed the smash…ugh…but we got some great pictures.

Cake Cutting by you.

Cake Feeding by you.

Kissing....after smashing! by you.

This picture makes me ANGRY!  I spent a long time making my crystals perfectly random.  THEN one of the kids thought it would be cute to ruin them!  EverytimeI see these  pictures I get mad inside!  I couldn’t fix them because the kid and his dad were there and I didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feeling. 

Cake Table by you.

This is my Best Friend Nikki.  We have been best friends since we were 8 years old.  22 years.  I could not have gotten through this wedding with out her!

Nikki and I by you.

These are my co-workers!  I am so glad everyone showed up!

My Co-Workers by you.

Everyone had a great time dancing!

Julie and Ryleah dancing! by you.

Dancing by you.

Dancing by you.

Dancing by you.

Can I have this Dance? by you.

Chicken Dance

Chicken Dance by you.

Now some people don’t like the Chicken Dance or line dances.  BUT the crowds do.  They get people up moving and people like doing them.  I think it is almost selfish of brides to leave out the fun!

I got to spend some time with my friends.  My friend Tony (on the left) and I have been friends for 20 years, Bob (on the right) and I have been friends for about 10 years and Nikki and Crystal are my forever girl friends.  WE go way way back.  We have lived together and been there for each other through everything.  I love this group photo!  The only thing that makes me sad is that I left some of our old group of friends off the guest list.  I would have loved to have had them all there!!! 

Crystal, Nikki, Tony, Me and Bob by you.

I am not sure what Pete and his guys are doing!

Brandon, Pete and Edwin by you.

My Dad changed into his Tux half way through the night.  LOL  he is a nut!  This is a good picture.  My Laura and my Dad we are a strong team and I am glad that I have them!  They are the best family ever!

Imported Photos 00116 by you.

Here is me and my sweet niece before she fell asleep!

Me and Alyssa by you.

Then it was time for the Last Dance of the night.  We had picked “When You Wish Upon a Star”.  As soon as it started Ryleah Scream “Disney Song” and ran up to dance with Pete and I.  Her Mom kept trying to call her away.  To give us a chance for our last dance.  I shooed Nikki away.  Ryleah loves all things “Dis-a-ney” as much as Pete and I.  I wanted her to be part of the dance!

Me, Ryleah and Pete dancing to our last Dance.  by you.

Then we went out to leave and my sister, my brother in law and friends had decorated our car!

Decorated Car by you.

The Suspects! by you.

It was a great day.  I was glad we got to see so many friends and family, BUT I wish we would have skipped the party.  I know I know….But it was alot of work and I was tired and had to go back to work. 

I had wanted lots of candids and photojournalistic pictures…….Our photographer didn’t get that!   LOL  Oh well, the day was fun and that is what matters! 



5 Responses to “At Home Wedding Reception”

  1. Lisanne Says:

    I really hated that we weren’t able to come. And I’m sorry that you had to pay for us when we didn’t show up. 😦 It would have been so much fun. So glad that Ani could make it!

  2. Ani Says:

    We had a great time. Thank you for inviting us. I was so glad to meet you all. Your dress and everything was so perfect!

  3. Beth Says:

    you got a lot of use out of your dress! i only got to wear mine for a few hours, which i suppose was good since it was so heavy (who knew?) but, still, it must have been fun to wear the whole bride outfit three times!

  4. shannon Says:

    I wish I could have come- you should just live closer! 😀 But at least I wasn’t a no-show and you knew ahead of time. I know what you mean about them- we had some at our wedding too and when you pay per head it adds up!
    It looks like it was a wonderful night. Beautiful pictures- Love the sleeves on your dress!

  5. Jenna Says:

    AWW!!!!!! how fun!

    everything turned out great!!

    p.s. i tried looking at this post from my phone while i was at WDW and half the pics weren’t working and i’m just now getting back to it so i’m sorrrrrrrry

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