I don’t have just one thought to blog about anymore.  My mind is swimming with stuff yet I have nothing to say.  Do you all ever get like this?

My sister told me she misses my blog so I am trying to blog more.  I mean if my sister misses reading about my life when I talk to her 3 times a day then I am sure you all are missing me like crazy!  LOL

Yesterday I paid off our at home Wedding Reception (recap of that day coming real soon).  It felt good to get that bill paid off, but sad to see my bank account thousands and thousands of dollars smaller.  I also paid off the room and ticket part of our Disney 2009 trip in addition to putting $600 in the savings account for our Dining plan on vacation.  This all feel so good.  I have 8 months to save up spending money and that’s it!  It is going to be so wonderful. 

We are also in the process of paying off EVERY credit card account we have.  I would say we are about 50% there and will have them paid off within a year.  My goal is before aforementioned vacation.  We do not want to charge ANY PART of our vacation and we have done so well and have not charged a single thing since the wedding. 

We would like to buy a new house next year and want to be ready for the expenses that go with it. 

We have a plan.  I love having plans.  I can not function without a plan.  I plan everything so this is no surprise.  Last night we finalised our plan.  Feels so good.  I am excited. 

Pete is sick, he has been for a week now.  I don’t deal with sick well.  I don’t get sick often and when I do I am a big sick baby.  Well Pete is worse.  If he sniffs his nose one more time I am going to CUT IT OFF! I was supportive at first.  Doing all the house work, buying medicine and special tissues.  But come on already suck it up!  He has missed 4 days of work this week.  FOUR!  I never miss work and when in school my sister and I were never allowed to miss that either.  It is nuts!  He claims he is going to work tomorrow and Saturday, but I will believe it when I see it.

I am excited about him working Saturday.  Isn’t that awful?  LOL  I need to get my house clean, especially my guest room since the Lane Family is visiting the beginning of April!  I clean so much better when I turn my music up and go at it.  When Pete is home he is in the way of my cleaning streak! 

Well Lunch is over and I better get back to work!


3 Responses to “Stuff”

  1. Ani Says:

    I am a planner too. Hope Pete feels better!

  2. whimsicalchaos Says:

    well if it makes you feel any better about Pete being sick… the peds doc told me something strange is going around and it seems to be a lot harder on the adults than the kids…

    But that is so awesome about your plan… I really want a better paying job so I can do more of the same… getting there slowly… but not fast enough for me… lol… but great job!!

    And btw- house shopping hard… Jeremy and I had a hard time agreeing on stuff lol… so start now to see what you guys like and don’t like so it isn’t as bad when you do get to look…

  3. Jenna Says:

    i never get sick either…i so hate taking care of bobby too…after one day i’m done! lol his surgery has sucked for me!

    but i’m so happy for yall that your getting all of your stuff paid off! and saving is hard thats all i know…lol

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