Final Thoughts….Wedding

So now my wedding trip report is over, my recap of my wonderful at home reception is over and all that is left to do is assemble a few albums and scrapbooks and edit my Wedding video.

I already miss all of the wedding-ness.  I have offered my services to a friend who is engaged, but he has 1.5 years until his wedding so no instant gratification there. 

My final thoughts on the wedding…..The good, The Bad and the Ugly (opps….no ugly here)!

The Good – So much good….It’s hard to list it all with out listing every single part of the wedding.

  • Disney & Disney Fairytale Weddings  – I can not say enough good things about Disney. & From our Rehearsal/Welcome dinner to the Ships entertainment everything was top notch. 

  • Disney Cruise – I am so glad we chose to get married on the Disney Cruise. They are truly the best cruiseline out there and they took care of so much for me.  Well they would have if I would have given up control…HA!  The guest joining us had a great time and there was so very much for the children to do.

dcl_stack_logo by you.

  • My Dress – I loved my dress so much.  It was light and airy and just perfect for my beach wedding.  I still am addicted to wedding shows and every dress we see while watching one, Pete comments about how it would not have been perfect like my dress was for our wedding.  I am proud that I got my dress for under $1,000.00 .  I had an $1800 budget set by my sisters dress cost and I just about halfed it!  Sure I spent a few more hundred on alterations, but I was happy for the bargin (and so was my Dad).

  • My Flowers – I had two bouquets.  One on the island and one on land for our Magic Kingdom Photos.  I loved them both and find it hard to pick which one was more “me”.  I am glad I have two, then I got both looks I loved.  I also found a great florist for use in the Orlando area.  any FL brides out there…she is wonderful!


  • My Bridesmaids (and their dresses) – I love the girls who stood up with me so very much.  They are my Best Friends (and favorite sister) in the whole world.  These girls have been there with me through everything and I am grateful they were with me.  I was so thankful to have their help getting ready on that super important day.  They were there to help me with my hair and makeup and to even help me cut the straps off of my dress right before we left the cabin.  We ordered their dresses from  They were great!  I got compliments on these dresses all the time.  They looked so pretty!

  • Pete’s outfit & the kids clothes – We ordered Pete & Dakoda’s Wedding shirts along with Ryleah and Alyssa’s dresses from they were so perfect for a wedding!  I loved that they were white white and not off white in color!  Nothing says wedding like bright white!

  • My Dad – My Dad was great through out the entire wedding.  He paid for so much, even things I didn’t ask for.  He was supportive and involved and I am so Thankful I have the best dad ever.  He did Shave a certain mouse into the back of his head the day before we left….. made me a bit mad.  But the more I thought about it the funnier I found the whole situation.  It is him and I love him!  I will always remember that wonderful Father/Daughter dance we shared on my wedding day!

  • Our Favors – We gave out personalized Beach Towels in addition to CD’s I made.  The Beach Towels were ordered through and were 100% custom!  The CD’s were the 1st dance songs of all of the couples that attended.  They were all listed on the front of the CD labels (made by yours truly) and included the name of the couple, the name of the song and the date they got married.

  • Our Cake – Our cake was made on the ship and was so pretty.  All pink and white.  The only thing that upset me was the gold of the cake plate, I would have preferred silver, but never specified.  The cake was yummy and pretty, what more could you ask for.

  •  The Weather – We could not have asked for a prettier day.  It was perfect!  God and my Mom were looking out for us, rain was my biggest fear.

  • Our Magic Kingdom/Epcot Pictures –  Web site here. This was a splurge.  We spent $1200.00 on this photo shoot.  BUT these are once in a lifetime pictures.  We had the Magic Kingdom all to ourselves!  We were escorted all around and saw things other people never see.  We also got one 4×6 copy of each photo they took (over 200) and we got the digital rights to 24 of our favorite pictures.  Usually you get 24 prints, but I sweet talked my photo coordinator.


The Bad –  There is not much bad, but a few things they were not “perfect” and that I would do differently.

  • Travel – I would have went to Florida on Friday instead of Saturday.  Just to have an extra day in Florida.

  • My Mom – Getting married without my Mom there to support me was the worst part of the whole wedding.  I love my Mom so much and I think every parent should get to see their children get married.  She was missed by all of us there who loved her.  I carried a locket in my flowers with our picture in it.  She was with me on my special day.

  • Photography – as you all photography is so important to me.  If I had a do over I would have found my own photographer and brought them onto the ship with me.  I would have paid for their cabin in exchange for my wedding pictures on a disk.  I have convinced two other DCL brides to do this.  I ended up with great pictures, BUT I had to work for them.  I had to set up each shot (like laying in the sand) and convince the photographer to take it.  I had to be assertive about it.  Also for the $1,000.00 that Disney Charged us we could have gotten a much better quality of photos.  That being said and done I love alot of our pictures, but it is just something I would have done differently.

  • Length – Pete and have talked about it over and over and if we could back track two years we would have booked the 7 night cruise instead of the 4 night cruise.  We picked the 4 night to make it more affordable to our quests, but we are 99% sure we would have had the same guests had we booked a 7 night.  We would have enjoyed it more too, less rushing around! 
  • Honeymoon – Our honeymoon was amazing….We had a great time.  But we were so tired.  I would have added a few days to it so we could have relaxed some before the action started!  I would have also probably stayed in a different hotel.  I liked ours well enough, but I would have rather been able to walk to one of the parks.

  • At Home Reception – This in theory was a good idea.  We came home from our honeymoon on Wednesday and the reception was that weekend.  We had to do it this way so Pete’s parents would still be here in town.  I wish we would have skipped it all together.  It was wonderful, fun and it was great to see everyone…..But I was honestly too tired to enjoy it.  My Grandfather had open heart surgery the day after we got home from the honeymoon and I spent days at the hospital.  I was physically and emotionally drained!

The Ugly

  • Nope None!  There were no major hiccups with my wedding.  No problems, nothing I couldn’t take care of in a phone call!  It was a wonderful expreience and I loved ever bit of it!!!! 

2 Responses to “Final Thoughts….Wedding”

  1. shannon Says:

    I wholeheartedly agree with everything you’ve written. Your wedding was beautiful and fun and I’m so honored to have been a part of it. And you’re right- we would still have gone for sure even if it was a 7 day cruise. My Mom & I decided on the cruise that we would talk Morgan into getting married that way. So perfect! If Jon & I could go back in time we’d have done it too!

  2. mamamichele Says:

    I agree with Shannon. We’d still have gone on the 7 day. It was a great idea and so so much fun. I cant think of a single detail of that day that wasnt amazing. From the way Disney handled it to playing in the water with everyone later that afternoon. Honestly? I think I liked YOUR wedding more than OUR wedding.

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