Signed, Sealed and Delivered!

I finally got all 77 of my Thank You notes from the wedding and reception done!  I am so relieved!  I spent many hours this weekend writing them all out. 

The reason for the delay…..I needed to get the rights to my pictures and get my Thank You wallets printed.  They turned out great and I dropped them all in the mail this morning! 

I had first bought 40 stamps and thought that would be enough…..I then bought 40 more……guess I didn’t realize just how many gifts we got!


5 Responses to “Signed, Sealed and Delivered!”

  1. Laura Says:

    Really?!?!? Have you walked in ur computer room recently?

  2. Laura Says:


  3. mamamichele Says:

    wow. YOU GO GIRL. It took me like FOREVER to get ours all done. You do know you have up to a YEAR to get em out right? LOL

  4. shannon Says:

    Don’t let Michele get you in trouble! You have a year to GIVE a wedding present. You should send your thank you notes out right away. Can’t wait to hear all about what all you got!

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