Shopping Fun

Yesterday was St. Patrick’s day and like a good Irish girl I wore green!  There was no Corned beef (yuk!) and cabbage at my house.  Instead we had Chik-fl-a.  I picked Alyssa up last night after work to go grocery shopping with me.  Laura and Brandon headed out for a much deserved night on the town.  Alyssa was such a nut in the store.  She would cover her head with her sweater and shriek so loudly everyone around us would laugh, me included!  LOL  She then would pull it off and laugh.  This act was repeated throughout produce, meat and the deli counter.  LOL  Silly girl.

We then went home and had dinner with her favorite Uncle Petey.  She is a little piglet.  It is so funny!  She has things already she loves so much, like lemonade.  She  drank like half of  mine from chick-fil-a.  LOL 

Anyway the whole reason to this post.  I was just looking over my receipt and I got 3 2 liter sodas for free!  LOL  They only charged me for one!  Yeah…saved me a whole $3.  Not much when you spent $213 at the store.  LOL

Tonight I am going to clean and make dinner and watch idol!  Can’t wait for work to be over!

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