So So Hard!

My sister has decided to put Alyssa into daycare one day a week or so.  This started today.  Alyssa went one day last week for a practice run, but today was the day.  Due to Laura and Brandon’s jobs they have to be at work before 7am.  Daycare doesn’t open until 7am.  So this morning at 5am I rolled out of bed.  Got dressed (showered last night) and packed my lunch and Pete’s and headed out the door.  I got to Laura’s at 5:45am.  Damn that is early!  I crawled into her bed and tried to go back to sleep.  At 7am I woke up, went down stairs, made Alyssa a bottle and went to wake my sweet girl up!  I turned on her light and started talking and she didn’t budge….she is used to sleeping til atleast 9am.  I picked her up and gave her a kiss and told her good morning.  When she opened her eyes and saw me her whole face lit up.  She was so excited to see me and I know she thought we would be spending the whole day together.  I changed her and then we said good morning to the tree outside her window.  We then cuddled up in Laura’s bed and had a bottle.  When she was done she was ready to play, but we didn’t have time for that.  I took her downstairs and made breakfast.  She ate ok, but it was so early, I didn’t expect her to eat like normal.  I did my make up while she ate and we “talked” about the day.  We got dressed and she was ready to play.  She grabbed my purse (her most favorite thing in the WORLD) and ran off.  I chased her down and got her shoes and socks on.  Then she wanted to play.  She was confused about this morning.  She didn’t understand why we weren’t playing.  I got her coat on and we got in the car and headed to daycare.  I pulled up and asked her if she was ready to go play with the kids.  We went in and I hung up her coat and she started playing, she was happy.  I talked to the babysitter then I tried to sneak out.  Lately Alyssa has been stuck like glue to me.  I am her BFF.  When I leave the room she follows and if she can’t she cries.  She cries when I got out to pump gas or to throw something away.   So I tried to sneak out and she saw me leaving and ran to the window and I could see her crying.  It broke my heart!!!  I got in the car and cried!  I felt so bad.  I had told her I was leaving and gave her hugs and kisses, but I guess she really didn’t know.  She was playing and I thought it was safe to leave.  I called the daycare a few minutes later and they said she cried for about 5 minutes and watched for me at the window, but then went and played and is fine now.  I can not wait to get there after work to pick her up!!!  I hated it this morning….how do you  mom’s do it everyday!  It was truly awful! 


6 Responses to “So So Hard!”

  1. Beth Says:

    my daughter is almost 2.5 and has been going to an in home daycare since she was about 6 weeks old. my husband and i are lucky enough to have very flexible work schedules and a grandma who babysits once a week so she only goes to her sitter about 20 hours a week (or about 2.5 days a week). perhaps because of the limited amount of time she goes i LOVE having this arrangement. maybe if she went 40 or more hours a week i’d hate being away from her so much, but it is so much a part of her routine that she looks forward to her time with the other kids, and i look forward to my time at work knowing she’s safe and happy. she went through a little period of fussing when either my husband or i would drop her off, but overall i think it is very good for their development to spend time with other kids and other trusted adults and not to rely on mom or dad for absolutely every need and every bit of entertainment.
    don’t worry, she will love playing with the other kids once it becomes part of her routine.

  2. Susan Says:

    That sort of stuff is soooo hard. The first time I had to drop Olivia off at day care, she gave the same wail that she had when they took her from her Nanny in China. I cried so hard I couldn’t leave the parking lot.

    Wait until you actually hear the words, “You my besss fwend.” That’s what makes my world go round.

  3. Ani Says:

    It broke my heart.

  4. shannon Says:

    OMG I can’t even imagine. When Morgan was little I’d take her to daycare sometimes and it would just kill me to leave her there. The look on her face!

  5. mamamichele Says:

    Caitie was the same way. She went to daycare 5 days a week starting at about 2 yrs old. At first it was torture. She would cry and hold my legs. I had to wear a nametag/timecard thing on a lanyard at work and she would hide it.. thinking that if I didnt have it I wouldnt have to go to work. But it got better after a while and she loved “school” . Everyone will adjust. Hang in there Aunt Lisie 🙂

  6. whimsicalchaos Says:

    just wait though because she will get to know the kids and totally fall in love with playing with the others and then never want to leave…

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