Please Pray … and some Happy Stuff for Good Measure

This morning my Dad called me and told me they were going to take PopPop into surgery this morning instead of Friday like planned.  I jumped up and got dressed and rushed to the hospital for a quick visit before work.  I was walking into the hospital at 6:45 am!  (YAWN!)  I visited and my whole family was there.  Before I left at 8:30 I hugged PopPop and told him how much I loved him.  I told him not to give them any hell during surgery and that I would be back after work.  He assured me he would be there.  I had to come into work because I had SOOO much work to do and it is all time sensitive.  I file foreclosures and everything is done on a time schedule!  Well my cousin Texted me a few minutes ago and the surgery is postponed until tomorrow morning.  (Yawn)  Looks like another early day for me tomorrow. 

I want to thank everyone for thier kind thoughts and prayers.  I have gotten them all.  I just really don’t feel much like talking down.  I haven’t returned many emails or phone calls.  I have to work, I need a job, but after that I go to the hospital and then home to curl up on the sofa.  It’s how I am dealing with this all.

Saturday Pete and I needed a break from the week long hospital visits so we drove to NJ to visit Edwin, Kim and Julie.  We needed to meet their new little guy Zachary.  He is so freaking cute.  If you are my Flickr friend there are private pictures up.  If your are not my Flickr friend…why the heck aren’t you?

Here is a picture of Julie I took this weekend.  Isn’t she adorable?

Pretty Girl Julie by you.

The Weather here has been so warm lately….I have the A/C guy coming on Saturday for a check and repair of the air conditioning system!  Alyssa has enjoyed being out side in the great weather so much. 

Pretty Girl by you.

Happy Girl by you.

Driving her Car by you.

Loves Her Lemonade! by you.

Pool Time by you.

Bottle Toss by you.

Drink? by you.

Pool Time by you.

Pushing Her Car - Must be out of gas! by you.

So Sad

I will be MIA for a while.  My Grandfather is dying.  He has an aortic aneurysm that is 9cm x 9cm.  That is the size of a large orange.  He needs surgery and doesn’t want it.  He told us he can’t do it again.  He had a horrible time in November when he had a triple bypass.  I don’t think he realizes that if he goes home he has 100% change of dying according to the doctor.  If he has the surgery he has a 50% chance of survival.  I am so sad, I can’t imagine him not being around.  I can’t stop crying and it is horrible.  He is going to die!  I took off work for the surgery tomorrow, but now that the surgery if off I have to go to work.  I need the time off for when he passes away!  God, why is this so hard!  My eyes are burning from crying!  I just don’t want him to die…I know I sound like I am whining, but it is WAY worse knowing that it is happening.  My Grandmother died all of a sudden, she was fine one day and dead the next.  I always wondered if it would be better to know, it’s not!  No one can tell him what to do, none of us (I have a large family) want to tell him to do it, I mean there is a 50% he could die in the surgery.  I know if it was me I would tell everyone tonight I loved them, say my goodbyes and tommorrow I would roll the dice and have the surgery.  50% of survival is way better odds the 100% chance of death!

Oh in better news,my good friends Edwin and Kim got a baby today, a little tiny 6 pounder, 6 days old.  They are calling him Zack!  I am so very happy for them and don’t know if I can wait a month to meet him!

Disney Snobs

So we went to Hershey Park on Saturday. Pete and I came to the realization we are Disney Snobs and don’t want to visit a non Disney park for some time. I went to Disney for the first time in 1982 when I was 3 years old, then I didn’t go again for 14 years or so. These 14 years were filled with trips to Hershey Park, Wild World Adventure WorldSix Flags (name changes) and Kings Dominion. This is all I knew. Then in the Summer of 1995 we went to Walt Disney World. It was hot and sticky and summer…yuk! But it was also Disney….I got that Disney Magic then. Wow was it Great! We visited Sea World and Universal on this trip too and I decided them they were not for me…no magic! In 1998 we went again to Disney and it was wonderful. We stayed on Property and the real love began. In 2000 we visited once more with a Disney Cruise thrown in. WOW now the love was growing and growing. I love Disney….It was a perfect place. In 2002 Nikki, Laura and Rachel went on a Land and Sea Trip, days at the park, days on the cruise. It was heaven. This is where I got to be in charge. It was the first trip without my Dad and I was boss. Nikki and I planned our days, our meals, our touring plans. We had books and studied online. We knew “how to do it right”. It was a great vacation so great I couldn’t wait to go again. I planned a trip with the ex BF in 2004. This trip was expensive and I footed the bill, I wanted to go so bad and had inheritance money so off we went. Looking back I wish I had taken my sister instead. But again I was the planner and loved all that entailed. In 2006 I went with my friend Jodi and her 3 kids. I was the expert. I led the way, I had the PERFECT trip planned and it went off with out a hitch. Then we were back for only a short time and I talked Pete into heading back in 2007. It was him and I, My Sister, Brother-in-Law, Dad, Dad’s GF and my (kinda) step sister. This was a great trip. We did so much, saw so much. Wow it was great. So great that when we got engaged we knew that in 2008 we would be HoneymooningDisneymooning at the World. We threw around a Vegas Wedding. I knew I didn’t want to be married at home, I had planned on failed wedding in Baltimore and didn’t want another. Then Pete came up with the Disney Cruise idea and it was set! Now we are heading back in 2009 for our first anniversary. This will be Trip no. 10! I am excited. This one will be the best yet since Alyssa will get to experience it all with us.

Now onto the snobbery!

Hershey Park….UGH….

I haven’t been in years and I forgot it isn’t the least bit magical, not the least bit pretty. It is like a state fair on the side of a mountain. I wish I had remembered the hills, I wouldn’t have worn flip flops! LOL

We weren’t there an hour before Pete started complaining….No Shows, No continuously piped in music, no meet and greets with the Characters (Hershey has three I think). The park is laid out horribly.  So much back tracking. There were no family rides. In Disney every member of the family can ride 90% of the rides, including a tiny infant. Here no way! Also the shows and the atmosphere it can not all be duplicated. The food was over priced and not tasty. Pete hated it, I was happy to be out in the sunshine (now sunburned) but didn’t like it. Laura didn’t like it and now after talking to Nikki she didn’t care for it much either. No way in hell would I pay over $50 to get in there. So Pete nailed it on the head we have all tasted “the Good Life” and are now Disney Snobs.

So be it. I would rather go to Disney every year (or every other) then have season tickets at a local park.

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Hershey Park

Imported Photos 00258 by you.

Today we went to Hershey Park.  It was a beautiful day!  It got to about 80 degrees today.  Nikki’s cousin works for a company that rented to park out today.  We all headed to the park, there were tons of us.  Crystal couldn’t make it so I emailed Shannon O. to see if her and Miss Lore wanted to join us.  YAY they did.  We met them at the gates and hit the kiddie rides.  After about 4 or 5 rides poor Alyssa conked out.  She was beat and it was nap time.  So we all split up (this was the last time I saw Nikki and family all day).  Laura and Brandon wanted to ride some coasters so Pete and I sat with sleeping Alyssa.  When Alyssa woke up I checked in with Nikki and they were on the other side of the park.  We got lunch then I checked in with Shannon and gang….Damn they were on the other side of the park too!  We really headed the wrong way didn’t we.  We rode a few rides then Alyssa was melting down again.  We were all tired too.  Shannon called and Lore was having a melt down of her own.  Shannon told me they were getting ready to leave.  I met back up with her for about 20-30 minutes.  That is all!  UGH….It is so hard to do amusement parks with so many people, and so many people of different ages!  I was hoping to hang out with Shannon more and talk about that new baby (It’s a GIRL!).  Lorelei is getting sooo big and is just adorable.  She is funny and is talking alot too.  I just wanted to scoop her up!  I really need to get together with Shannon O. more often we live so close!  All of the pictures from today are HERE!

Imported Photos 00014 by you.

Alyssa on the merry Go Round.  At first she didn’t like it, but she warmed up to it.

Imported Photos 00030 by you.

Me waiting for the kids to finish up a ride.

Imported Photos 00037 by you.

Alyssa waving to me after her ride on the Merry Go Round.

Imported Photos 00047 by you.

Ryleah on the Spaceships.

Imported Photos 00051 by you.

Lorelei on the Spce Ships.

Imported Photos 00053 by you.\

Ryleah Way up high!

Imported Photos 00056 by you.

Imported Photos 00058 by you.

Alyssa no so sure of my favorite charater…the “Reese’s” Cup!

Imported Photos 00059 by you.

Pete and I with our main guy!

Imported Photos 00062 by you.

Ryleah and Lorelei on the Ballons.

Imported Photos 00076 by you.

Lorelie didn’t love all the noise!

Imported Photos 00082 by you.

Look at Mama Shannon…Doesn’t she look great! (there is a baby girl in there)!

Imported Photos 00090 by you.

Me…we were trying to get it with the roller coaster behind me, but that didn’t happen.

Imported Photos 00091 by you.


Imported Photos 00093 by you.

Lunch Time!

Imported Photos 00095 by you.

Kissing Tower

Imported Photos 00103 by you.

Laughing at her Uncle Petey.

Imported Photos 00110 by you.

Mid Kiss Blowing…LOL

Imported Photos 00113 by you.

Such a Pretty Girl….She was dancing as we listened to the live band.

Imported Photos 00117 by you.

Alyssa and Uncle Petey….Look at her pointing…she loved the roller coasters.

Imported Photos 00120 by you.

Not loving the kiss!

Imported Photos 00121 by you.

Look at all the new hair….Such a pretty red color!

Imported Photos 00123 by you.

Playing in line for the Kissing Tower.

Imported Photos 00127 by you.

Running towards Aunt Lisie!

Imported Photos 00133 by you.

Enjoying the ride!

Imported Photos 00134 by you.

Hershey Towers!

Imported Photos 00148 by you.

Imported Photos 00138 by you.

Imported Photos 00139 by you.

Imported Photos 00140 by you.

Imported Photos 00146 by you.

Imported Photos 00147 by you.

The View from the top!

Imported Photos 00143 by you.

Hershey Plant.

Imported Photos 00152 by you.

Still not loving the Kiss.

Imported Photos 00154 by you.

Imported Photos 00163 by you.

Kiss Korner

Imported Photos 00167 by you.

More Sunblock

Imported Photos 00170 by you.

Alyssa & Uncle Petey

Imported Photos 00176 by you.

Imported Photos 00182 by you.

Enjoying a ride!

Imported Photos 00201 by you.

Hair…we have hair!

Imported Photos 00204 by you.

mmm Ice Cream!

Imported Photos 00207 by you.

Heading to the (fake) Monorail.

Imported Photos 00210 by you.

Enjoying another kinda ride.

Imported Photos 00215 by you.

Imported Photos 00218 by you.

Family Pics

Imported Photos 00227 by you.

Cool Truck in a Parking lot….spotted from the monorail.

Imported Photos 00231 by you.

Pointing at the Animals.

Imported Photos 00238 by you.

Imported Photos 00243 by you.

Imported Photos 00253 by you.

mmm Lolly’s

Imported Photos 00255 by you.

Accidental Breakage….Don’t worry it was replaced!

Imported Photos 00256 by you.


Imported Photos 00257 by you.

Mr. Hershey

 Imported Photos 00265 by you.

Resting her Feet on the ride home!


Busy Busy

We have been so busy lately, I will update soon, I promise!

Tomorrow we are heading to Hershey Park for a day enjoying the great weather!

Happy (almost) Easter

Alyssa's 2nd Easter

Laura took Alyssa to see the Easter Bunny yesterday!  Let’s just say It didn’t go well!

Alyssa looks so mad.  Poor thing.  I love this picture.  It will be so fun to look back on it in like 4 years.  LOL

If I am not back online before Easter I hope you all have a wonderful one!

Disney World – The First Time

The first time I went to Walt Disney World I was three years old.  We went in January of 1982.  We left my poor sister home with my aunt and took my cousin with us as an even trade.  My Dad’s younger sister, my aunt (different aunt obviously) went with us too.  It was a fun trip.  I only remember very little parts of it.  Like being mad at my aunt for not letting me control the Dumbo we rode on.  LOL  We also visited Sea World and Circus World while in Florida.  I scanned a few pictures yesterday.  I have a bunch more I will scan once my company leaves and I can sit in the other room alone for hours with out looking rude.  LOL

This is a Picture of Me in front of the Castle.  I love the castle so much!

Lisa in Disney! by you.

This picture is THE ONLY Picture of Me, My Mom and My Dad.  There should have been one more, but it was double exposed and had someones finger over it.  Thank goodness for digital.

Who knew 27 years later I would be standing in this very spot having Wedding Pictures taken?

Magic Kingdom Bridal Portraits by you.

I am sure my Parents never imagined.  I am also sure they had no idea then how much this picture of the three of us would mean to me now.

This picture is of my parents.  Look how young they look.

Mom & Dad by you.

I tried to make a picture of the tree of us.  I did this in only a few minutes so the photo shop work is crappy at best…LOL

Me, Mom & Dad in Disney World by you.

I can’t wait to scan the rest of the pictures to have forever.  I also need to do a major Photo back up of my hard drive.  All this talk of that virus has me scared!