Disney World – The First Time

The first time I went to Walt Disney World I was three years old.  We went in January of 1982.  We left my poor sister home with my aunt and took my cousin with us as an even trade.  My Dad’s younger sister, my aunt (different aunt obviously) went with us too.  It was a fun trip.  I only remember very little parts of it.  Like being mad at my aunt for not letting me control the Dumbo we rode on.  LOL  We also visited Sea World and Circus World while in Florida.  I scanned a few pictures yesterday.  I have a bunch more I will scan once my company leaves and I can sit in the other room alone for hours with out looking rude.  LOL

This is a Picture of Me in front of the Castle.  I love the castle so much!

Lisa in Disney! by you.

This picture is THE ONLY Picture of Me, My Mom and My Dad.  There should have been one more, but it was double exposed and had someones finger over it.  Thank goodness for digital.

Who knew 27 years later I would be standing in this very spot having Wedding Pictures taken?

Magic Kingdom Bridal Portraits by you.

I am sure my Parents never imagined.  I am also sure they had no idea then how much this picture of the three of us would mean to me now.

This picture is of my parents.  Look how young they look.

Mom & Dad by you.

I tried to make a picture of the tree of us.  I did this in only a few minutes so the photo shop work is crappy at best…LOL

Me, Mom & Dad in Disney World by you.

I can’t wait to scan the rest of the pictures to have forever.  I also need to do a major Photo back up of my hard drive.  All this talk of that virus has me scared!


3 Responses to “Disney World – The First Time”

  1. Beth Says:

    those are fantastic. you are lucky to have those. i don’t think my parents are very good at taking or keeping pictures, but this inspires me to go through some old boxes i know they have in their house to see if i can unearth some treasures.

  2. shannon Says:

    OMG look at your dad’s hair! What great pics!

  3. Mikkel Says:

    You are SO cute!! Love the old photos and then the jump to the wedding one!!

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