WOW April Already!

I can not believe that it is April Already!

Yesterday was my sister’s 3rd Wedding Anniversary.  I can not believe that it has been three years.  She was the prettiest bride I have ever seen.  She could have been in a magizine that day!  I am so happy for her. 


Laura has also started a blog. So go say Hi!  (or just stalk her like I am sure some of you are going to do anyway).

Yesterday Michele and her family drove into town for a long weekend trip!  It was sooo good to see them.  Alyssa Fell in love with Thing 2.  She ow has a new BFF.  We enjoyed a tasy dinner of BBQ Chicken Nachos and a fun evening of conversation.   Miss Alyssa was there for a visit since Laura and Brandon went out to Celebrate being married and all!  LOL  It was alot of fun.

I am still a bit under the weather, but getting adjusted helped my head drain some and resting has helped.  Alyssa is better now, but Laura is still fighting the bug.


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