Happy (almost) Easter

Alyssa's 2nd Easter

Laura took Alyssa to see the Easter Bunny yesterday!  Let’s just say It didn’t go well!

Alyssa looks so mad.  Poor thing.  I love this picture.  It will be so fun to look back on it in like 4 years.  LOL

If I am not back online before Easter I hope you all have a wonderful one!


4 Responses to “Happy (almost) Easter”

  1. Ani Says:

    Aww poor thing! Have a Happy Easter!

  2. michele lane Says:

    I leave yall alone with that baby for a few days… and this is what you do? You let her be terrorized by a GIANT RABBIT IN A BAD SUIT!! I better get right back in the car and come rescue her. 🙂 LOL… I have the same type of picture with Caitlin and Santa.

  3. Lisanne Says:

    Aww! Poor thing! Yes, sometimes kids can be scared by people in costumes. hehe 🙂 But yeah, it’ll be fun to look back on. She’ll laugh when she’s a teenager! 🙂 Great photo otherwise, though!

  4. whimsicalchaos Says:

    lol that is too funny!

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