Disney Snobs

So we went to Hershey Park on Saturday. Pete and I came to the realization we are Disney Snobs and don’t want to visit a non Disney park for some time. I went to Disney for the first time in 1982 when I was 3 years old, then I didn’t go again for 14 years or so. These 14 years were filled with trips to Hershey Park, Wild World Adventure WorldSix Flags (name changes) and Kings Dominion. This is all I knew. Then in the Summer of 1995 we went to Walt Disney World. It was hot and sticky and summer…yuk! But it was also Disney….I got that Disney Magic then. Wow was it Great! We visited Sea World and Universal on this trip too and I decided them they were not for me…no magic! In 1998 we went again to Disney and it was wonderful. We stayed on Property and the real love began. In 2000 we visited once more with a Disney Cruise thrown in. WOW now the love was growing and growing. I love Disney….It was a perfect place. In 2002 Nikki, Laura and Rachel went on a Land and Sea Trip, days at the park, days on the cruise. It was heaven. This is where I got to be in charge. It was the first trip without my Dad and I was boss. Nikki and I planned our days, our meals, our touring plans. We had books and studied online. We knew “how to do it right”. It was a great vacation so great I couldn’t wait to go again. I planned a trip with the ex BF in 2004. This trip was expensive and I footed the bill, I wanted to go so bad and had inheritance money so off we went. Looking back I wish I had taken my sister instead. But again I was the planner and loved all that entailed. In 2006 I went with my friend Jodi and her 3 kids. I was the expert. I led the way, I had the PERFECT trip planned and it went off with out a hitch. Then we were back for only a short time and I talked Pete into heading back in 2007. It was him and I, My Sister, Brother-in-Law, Dad, Dad’s GF and my (kinda) step sister. This was a great trip. We did so much, saw so much. Wow it was great. So great that when we got engaged we knew that in 2008 we would be HoneymooningDisneymooning at the World. We threw around a Vegas Wedding. I knew I didn’t want to be married at home, I had planned on failed wedding in Baltimore and didn’t want another. Then Pete came up with the Disney Cruise idea and it was set! Now we are heading back in 2009 for our first anniversary. This will be Trip no. 10! I am excited. This one will be the best yet since Alyssa will get to experience it all with us.

Now onto the snobbery!

Hershey Park….UGH….

I haven’t been in years and I forgot it isn’t the least bit magical, not the least bit pretty. It is like a state fair on the side of a mountain. I wish I had remembered the hills, I wouldn’t have worn flip flops! LOL

We weren’t there an hour before Pete started complaining….No Shows, No continuously piped in music, no meet and greets with the Characters (Hershey has three I think). The park is laid out horribly.  So much back tracking. There were no family rides. In Disney every member of the family can ride 90% of the rides, including a tiny infant. Here no way! Also the shows and the atmosphere it can not all be duplicated. The food was over priced and not tasty. Pete hated it, I was happy to be out in the sunshine (now sunburned) but didn’t like it. Laura didn’t like it and now after talking to Nikki she didn’t care for it much either. No way in hell would I pay over $50 to get in there. So Pete nailed it on the head we have all tasted “the Good Life” and are now Disney Snobs.

So be it. I would rather go to Disney every year (or every other) then have season tickets at a local park.

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3 Responses to “Disney Snobs”

  1. Ani Says:

    I am with you Lisa that Disney is the best. But I would like to try the others. You know since I am a masochist. LOL!

  2. Christina Says:

    Ben and I love Busch Gardens Williamsburg. It is so pretty and I think it is pretty well laid out. Lots of trees for shade, music, shows, etc. Tons better than most other parks that are nothing but cement and crappy rides. Can’t really say how it compares to Disney. I haven’t been there since I was in 7th grade and have no plans to go until we have wee ones.

  3. michele lane Says:

    Im not really into most places since most of the really fun rides arent “pooh friendly” meaning I cant fit my fat butt on them! Whats fun about wandering around and watching thin people ride rides? BLEH!

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