Please Pray … and some Happy Stuff for Good Measure

This morning my Dad called me and told me they were going to take PopPop into surgery this morning instead of Friday like planned.  I jumped up and got dressed and rushed to the hospital for a quick visit before work.  I was walking into the hospital at 6:45 am!  (YAWN!)  I visited and my whole family was there.  Before I left at 8:30 I hugged PopPop and told him how much I loved him.  I told him not to give them any hell during surgery and that I would be back after work.  He assured me he would be there.  I had to come into work because I had SOOO much work to do and it is all time sensitive.  I file foreclosures and everything is done on a time schedule!  Well my cousin Texted me a few minutes ago and the surgery is postponed until tomorrow morning.  (Yawn)  Looks like another early day for me tomorrow. 

I want to thank everyone for thier kind thoughts and prayers.  I have gotten them all.  I just really don’t feel much like talking down.  I haven’t returned many emails or phone calls.  I have to work, I need a job, but after that I go to the hospital and then home to curl up on the sofa.  It’s how I am dealing with this all.

Saturday Pete and I needed a break from the week long hospital visits so we drove to NJ to visit Edwin, Kim and Julie.  We needed to meet their new little guy Zachary.  He is so freaking cute.  If you are my Flickr friend there are private pictures up.  If your are not my Flickr friend…why the heck aren’t you?

Here is a picture of Julie I took this weekend.  Isn’t she adorable?

Pretty Girl Julie by you.

The Weather here has been so warm lately….I have the A/C guy coming on Saturday for a check and repair of the air conditioning system!  Alyssa has enjoyed being out side in the great weather so much. 

Pretty Girl by you.

Happy Girl by you.

Driving her Car by you.

Loves Her Lemonade! by you.

Pool Time by you.

Bottle Toss by you.

Drink? by you.

Pool Time by you.

Pushing Her Car - Must be out of gas! by you.


One Response to “Please Pray … and some Happy Stuff for Good Measure”

  1. shannon Says:

    You know I’m praying for you & PopPop every day. I love you & I’m here for you! xo

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