Wonderful Weekend

I had such a fabulous weekend! Friday night I had a great dinner at my sisters, she is really becoming a good cook!  Saturday I went to Pennsylvania to visit Nikki and Ryleah and took Crystal, Dakoda and Alyssa with me.  Saturday night my boy took me out to dinner and then we visited Jason at work and Sunday we cleaned, cut the grass, visited Laura and Alyssa and saw UP!  Woah….I soo need a weekend to recover from my weekend.

Saturday morning Pete and I met Alyssa and Brandon at our normal breakfast place and had a wonderful breakfast, with the good waitress, not the miserable “C U Next Tuesday”!  (LOL  I just heard that saying and been wanting to use it….LOL)  Then we went home and picked up Dakoda and Crystal and headed up to PA!  The kids were so good playing in the car.  That Alyssa….She kept waking Dakoda up when he fell asleep and then would laugh so loud.  LOL

We stopped at a road side stand for produce before getting to Nikki’s.  Oh how I love my roadside produce stands.

Once we got to Nikki’s we covered the kids in sunblock and headed out for some pool fun!  Alyssa was in awe of all of Ryleah’s toys.  I had to drag her outside!

Here are a few (well maybe a few more then a few) pictures I took on Saturday.

Jump by you.

Jumping In! by you.

Ryleah is airborne!

Splash by you.

Look at that Splash!

Diving by you.

Graceful Diver!

Imported Photos 00025 by you.

Alyssa is not soo sure about this.

Imported Photos 00052 by you.

Love her smile!

Imported Photos 00062 by you.

Taking a Drink!  LOL

My Girl! by you.

My Sweet Girl had such a good time!

Spray by you.

Look at that Spray!

Hi Baby! by you.

Peak – A – Boo!

BIG Messy Smiles by you.

She is saying “CHEESE”! – It is so cute, you tell her to smile and she yells cheese and you get this face.  God I love her!

Alyssa by you.

Playing in the Water!

Sweet Kids! by you.

Best friends!

Big Smiles by you.

She had such a good time in the swing.  Now yes she is backwards, but the swing is a mear 6 to 8 inches off the ground. 

Dakoda by you.

My new Favorite Pictures of Dakoda!

Dakoda, Alyssa & Ryleah by you.

Attempt at a picture of the three of them (all looking and smiling)…LOL…NOT!

After lots of outdoor fun we headed inside for lunch and dress up fun!

Princess Alyssa by you.

My Little Princess!!!!!

Yay!!!! by you.

The King and Queen!

Princess Snow White & Lisa by you.

I was so lucky and got to meet Princess Snow White!

Madonna? by you.

Madonna (think Desperately Seeking Susan) made an appearance.

Cheese by you.

One Final Cheese!

Remember When?

I saw this fun little activity on my friend Lisanne’s Blog a little while ago and thought that it would make a neat blog entry to steal.

“If you read this, even if we don’t speak often, post a comment with a memory of you and I. It can be anything you want, either good or bad. When you’re finished, post this paragraph on your own blog and you’ll be surprised at what people remember about you.”

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Squeaky Shoes

Last night we were leaving my sister’s house and Brandon went to put on his Sneakers.  They had been sitting outside while Laura and him were camping.  Well he went to slip it on and felt something in it….A MOUSE!  Well now a dead squished Mouse!  LOL  He was sooo freaked out and Laura, Pete and I almost pee’ed our pants.  We called him Mouse Killer all night.  We even had Alyssa saying  “ewe!”.  It was Pretty Gross.  Brandon ripped his socks off and ran inside to scrub his foot.  There was even some Blood on the sock!  YUK!!!

Mouse murder by simon_coulthard.

*** This is not an actual picture of Brandon’s Shoe….I found it googling Mouse, Shoe and Dead!  LOL

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Table for Two

Alyssa at Breakfast!

On the days that Laura and Brandon both work I wake up at 5:20am and go to Laura’s house to get ALyssa up, Fed, Dressed and to take her to Day Care.  This morning Alyssa woke up sooo early.  Like 6:15am.  (Most Likely from all the damn banging her Mother was doing in the kitchen at the butt crack of dawn!!)  This is when I am usually getting an extra hour of sleep, not today (Yawn!).  We snuggled in bed for a while then got up and got dressed for the day.  It was still only 7:10am so we walked a block down to a little neighborhood resurant to have breakfast!  Alyssa LOVES to eat out, LOVES IT!  Who I am I to deny her a good breakfast.  She ate two pancakes and 1.5 sausages.  Little porker!  LOL  after breakfast I took her to day care, but she was tired and clingy.  It makes it so hard to leave her.  She snuggled up in my neck and I held her a few minutes.  She didn’t cry when I left, but I am hoping she didn’t cry once she discovered I had snuck out.  LOL  I love this little lady so much.  I can not wait to pick her up tonight!  The happiness in her eyes when I walk in after work makes up for a long week!

Weekend Over…

The Weekend is over, well it was over yesterday! Why does it have to go by so fast!

Sunday I worked on my Wedding Video for HOURS! But before that we went to Target, Staples, Superfresh and the best Chinese food place in the world!

The weather was so nice it wasn’t a bother to be out and about. I am glad we got all of his stuff done. I hate when we run out of everything at the same time.

I have tweaked a few more things in the Video, changed a song added a picture slideshow and credits….I love it. I can not stop watching it.

My Wedding Day was beyond perfect! I had some nay sayers telling me to got get my hopes up, something will go wrong, etc, etc, etc! But nothing did. I have lovely weather, great hair, an excited groom! The whole day was just what I imagined! I am sad that I have to wait 10 or 15 years to do it again. Oh yeah we are sooo having a Disney Vow Renewal!

I miss my favorite girls. Laura and Alyssa are in Ocean City until tomorrow and I can not wait to see them. Even Pete is missing our girl. She is the light in our lives. I feel sorry for people who do not know this joy! She is so funny and sweet and loving. She makes my life complete!

Well I better get back to work!

Oh but first Happy Happy Birthday to Michele!

Michele & Lisa on Assateague Island

Go Wish her the best!

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The One with the Video

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I worked for hours and hours this weekend editing my Wedding Video footage from two cameras into the 20 minute video shown here! I love it and could watch it over and over! LOL

***Disclosure…..I am in no way a Video Editor! LOL