Lisa? Lisa Who?

Ok Ok, I think I was blogged out.  I was bored and just haven’t had much to say.  Work has been soo busy that I have to actually work like the whole day.  LOL 

My Grandfather is still doing horrible, I just don’t see how he is going to recover from any of this.  I feel horrible for his suffering!  I have slacked off on going to visit because it is so hard.  He is so not himself and it hurts too bad.  I already miss him, he is gone, not himself, not anything.  It it so tough. 

I have been spending lots of time with my Alyssa girl.  She is growing so fast and I don’t want to miss any of it.  She is so funny, she really cracks me up sometimes.  Just last night she had me rolling when she would take two deep breaths then stick her whole head under water in the tub!  LOL Then the sweetness soaked in while I was snuggling with her while she took her bottle and fell asleep in my arms.  That great baby smell is the best!

My house is a wreck, I have not been home long enough to give it a good cleaning.  I need to set up our home network too.  I have bene trying to back up my pictures because I ran out of space on my laotop!  EKKK!   LOL  I also want to get the office in shape this weekend.  It is still so full of wedding gifts and leftover DIY wedding projects.  Pete needs to start studying for his tests and needs a good space to do it.  We have a new desk to put up and organize!

This weekend Laura is going camping (I miss ALyssa already) and my Dad is going to the Ocean.  Pete has a dentist appointment and I just have so much to do around the house we are staying home.  Hopefully we will get alot done this weekend!

Here are a few pictures:

 Imported Photos 00726 by you.

Imported Photos 00715 by you.

Imported Photos 00495 by you.

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2 Responses to “Lisa? Lisa Who?”

  1. ani4775 Says:

    Thanks for the update. Glad all is well as can be. Good luck with those projects. I hear ya!

  2. Lisanne Says:

    Meri has that same navy blue shirt with hearts! LOVE it!

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