NJ, DEL, PA & MD – Part Five

After we finished a great late lunch we headed to our hotel in Clarks Summit.  What a pretty area! 

Imported Photos 00628 by you.

Imported Photos 00629 by you.


Our Hotel!

We went and checked in, love Priceline, and got a Presidential room.  Our room was right next to the Spa.  After checking out the room we went to lounge in the hot tub.

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Imported Photos 00641 by you.

Pictures of our room!  It was so nice. 

After the hot tub we got showers and went a drove around.  It was starting to get late and we were worried places would close since it was a holiday weekend.  We went on the search of somewhere to eat.  We didn’t want to eat at Pizza Hut, I like local places.  We ended up at the State Street Grill.  OMG it was so great!  We wished we were locals so we could go back. 

It looks as if they do not have a web site.  But it was amazing.  They had beer on tap, something local that Pete loved.  Pete got a Burger that was out of this world.  I got Truffle Mac & Cheese and Chili Lime Wings…OMG Heaven!  They were the best wings ever!  We had a great waitress too.  She recommended the deserts we had.  We each got one and shared.  We had Creme Brulee, which was the best I ever had and Peanut Butter Mousse cover in chocolate….OMG  Just thinking about them makes me want to drive 5 hours away for dinner tonight.  LOL

It was a great evening.  We headed back to the hotel and relaxed a bit before heading to sleep.

The Next morning we got up and went to the main building for free breakfast.  I was expecting ceral and muffins, but was greated with Bacon, Sausage, Eggs, Waffels, Muffins, Bagels, Fruit, Ceral, Oatmeal, Joice and few more things.  MMM Best free breakfast ever!

Imported Photos 00631 by you.

Imported Photos 00632 by you.

This is the breakfast area!

After Breakfast we headed to the outside lounge and just sat and talked.  Check out wasn’t until 12:00pm and I like to get my money’s worth!  LOL

After checking out we started talking about what we wanted to do for the day!  SHOPPING!  We headed to Amish Country to hit up the outlets in Lancaster.  On the way we decided to go to Good and Plenty for lunch.  Pete loves their buttered noodles.  I swear we went here for noodles.  LOL

Shopping was fun!  I got a bunch of stuff and so did Pete….THEN we hit the Disney Store outlet and Alyssa scared big!  Plates were on sale so she got 5 of them.  A new Bathing Suit and cover up for the trip was needed too!  We also go a few gifts for a birthday party we had to go to the next week!

I also got a new Coach Purse.  Oh La La !  I need to take a picture of it.

We stopped at Sonic after the outlets for a Cherry Limeade.  MMM!  So good!

Imported Photos 00656 by you.

Imported Photos 00657 by you.

Random Amish…I love the Amish!

Imported Photos 00663 by you.

Dutch Wonderland.  I want to go here with Alyssa!

We got home around 8pm that night.  It was a great fun filled LONG weekend!


2 Responses to “NJ, DEL, PA & MD – Part Five”

  1. ani4775 Says:

    Sounds like a great trip!

  2. cady Says:

    sounds like a lot of fun! i’ve been wanting to go to penn. amish country. i’m hoping we can get up there soon.

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