NJ, DEL, PA & MD – Part Three

We took a Drive to the Delaware Water gap.  We explored the city of Delaware Water Gap and decided on a trolley tour.

Imported Photos 00575 by you.

Imported Photos 00578 by you.

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Waiting for the Trolly.

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Imported Photos 00589 by you.

When we got on we wanted to sit up front, in the first seat and some punk kid pushed his way to it before us!  So we were in the 2nd seat, this seat had way less leg room for my tall boy!

Imported Photos 00592 by you.

If you look closely you can see the headstones built right into the back wall of this church!  This is the only church that survived the Indian war.

Imported Photos 00594 by you.

There is an Indian face in this mountain.  It is a profile shot.

Imported Photos 00600 by you.

In this cave it is always 38 degrees.  No matter how hot or cold it is outside.  During the 50’s there was a restaurant built here and they would open the doors and let the cool air in as AC in the summer.  They also stored all of their food in the cave.  Free refrigeration.  This is a trick they learned from the Indians.  The Indians used this cave as a storage place for food.  You are not allwed in the cave right now because the bats who live in the cave have something wrong with them.

Imported Photos 00601 by you.

This is the heart of the Delaware Water Gap.

Imported Photos 00607 by you.

Pete and I in the Delaware Water Gap

Imported Photos 00608 by you.

We had such a great afternoon!

Imported Photos 00611 by you.

We ended the tour on the Appalachian Trail!


3 Responses to “NJ, DEL, PA & MD – Part Three”

  1. ani4775 Says:

    You look good Lisa! Ooh the Apalanchian Trail. Silly me had no idea it was that far up.

  2. margievz Says:

    I love all these great photos!

    I’ve heard there’s some kind of disease going around killing off all the bats. KY is worried because there are a few endangered bat species living in some of the states caves, and the disease seems to be making it’s way here.

  3. Michele Says:

    caitie walks by and see’s the pics of yall and insists on reading the whole post.. then she says “Mr Pete climbed that mountain? He IS superman” heh. She says to tell you she misses you! (her mama does too!)

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