Movie Time

Pete and I love going to the movies.  We have a neighborhood movie theatre that is not only cheaper then the others in the area, but they have, hands down, the best popcorn ever.  It is so good!  

Last weekend we went to see the Hangover.  Ran, do not walk, to your closest theatre and see this movie.  It was a comedy (duh!), but not one of those Will Ferrel Type comedies.  It was funny and witty and so entertaining.  Alot of people in the theatre broke out in applause when it ended.  We laughed the entire movie.  It is a new classic for sure.  I will be getting this on DVD when it comes out.

Last Night we went to see Pelham 123.  This movie had a very interesting story line.  It was entertaining and had a few big named stars in it.  This is where the problem lays.  John Travolta was not very good in it.  Ever single time he said Mother F*cker I laughed.  He did not play a bad  guy well at all.  I kept seeing him  in Hairspray or Look who’s Talking, then I would giggle!  LOL  Pete and I talked about it and we think that Bruce Willis or Ray Liotta would have made a much better “Ryder”.  He was the main character and just so unbelievable.  But the story was good.

Now I want to see UP.  I really want t o see it in 3-D, but the Pop Corn drawls me to Hollywood Theatre and they are not showing it in 3-D!

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2 Responses to “Movie Time”

  1. shannon Says:

    LOVED the Hangover! Woot! Will be buying that on dvd too. And we don’t buy movies. But it’s an instant classic. They’re already working on Hangover 2.

    Great pics from your trip. Glad you had a good time!

  2. Ani Says:

    Isn’t it great to find a movie theater like that. I wish there were more out door theaters in downstate New York. I’ve only been to them twice in Lisanne’s area on vacation. I really want to see Up.

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