Saturday – No Rest – Lots of Fun

Weekends are always so busy for the working people!  I would LOVE to be able to go to Sam’s Club on a Tuesday Morning, by I need to work to have money to spend at Sam’s Club!  LOL

Yesterday my boy and I had a great day.  We laid around in bed until almost 11am before  we got up, showered and headed to breakfast!  Our goal was to to to Breakfast and then buy some food….We were all out….100% out!

We had a great Breakfast at Cookies (of Course) where we had our favorite waitress and not the other lady (mean hag) who works there.  After breakfast we wanted to go to the Farmer’s market, BUT it ended at 12 and we didn’t get there until after 12:30!  LOL 

We headed home to get our reusable shopping bags (why oh why does Sam’s boxes suck now!).  We also needed to pick up the Sam’s Club card.  We shopped at Sam’s and did good.  We only bought Alyssa two outfits and a pack of three umbrellas for our selves.  All of this damn rain we have been having is driving us nuts!

We also bought Meat!  Lots of Meat!  We spent $150 at Sam’s.  Have you ever noticed that everything cost $10 at Sam’s Club.  It you count your number of Items and times them by 10 you will get a round about idea how much you will spend.  We had 17 items and Spent $150.  We had a few low cost items like Milk and Bread, but it was pretty close!

We took home out food and put it all away….My fridge looks like  a butcher shop.  LOL

Then we decided to drive to PA.  There is a store near Nikki’s with great prices.  We took a cooler to keep things cold, but we should have taken the big cooler.  We spent $85 in D&K and got soooo much stuff.  We filled out cooler, actually we had to take frozen items like Breakfast Sandwiches and Sausage out of their boxes to make everything fit!

We met Nikki and Ryleah for dinner.  OMG that child Talks Talks Talks.  LOL  She is the best.  She invited us back to her house to play some games.  We didn’t stay long, Pete drooled over their TV (I know we will be buying a flat screen sooner then later) and looked at Jason’s guns while Ryleah and I played Don’t break the Ice and Monkey’s in a Barrel.  I also read to her.  It was fun.  I love spending time with “my Kids”.  

We stopped for Ice Cream at Handles on the way home.  I love that they have Frozen Yogurt for those of us who can not at Ice Cream.  Pete loved it too.  

It was such a good day.  I was sad that we were not going to Ocean City with the rest of my family, but I made the best of the Saturday and  Pete and I enjoyed spending the day together!

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One Response to “Saturday – No Rest – Lots of Fun”

  1. Ani Says:

    I am glad you had a good weekend. You are right we try to pack into two days what we need to do into five.

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