Weekend Over…

The Weekend is over, well it was over yesterday! Why does it have to go by so fast!

Sunday I worked on my Wedding Video for HOURS! But before that we went to Target, Staples, Superfresh and the best Chinese food place in the world!

The weather was so nice it wasn’t a bother to be out and about. I am glad we got all of his stuff done. I hate when we run out of everything at the same time.

I have tweaked a few more things in the Video, changed a song added a picture slideshow and credits….I love it. I can not stop watching it.

My Wedding Day was beyond perfect! I had some nay sayers telling me to got get my hopes up, something will go wrong, etc, etc, etc! But nothing did. I have lovely weather, great hair, an excited groom! The whole day was just what I imagined! I am sad that I have to wait 10 or 15 years to do it again. Oh yeah we are sooo having a Disney Vow Renewal!

I miss my favorite girls. Laura and Alyssa are in Ocean City until tomorrow and I can not wait to see them. Even Pete is missing our girl. She is the light in our lives. I feel sorry for people who do not know this joy! She is so funny and sweet and loving. She makes my life complete!

Well I better get back to work!

Oh but first Happy Happy Birthday to Michele!

Michele & Lisa on Assateague Island

Go Wish her the best!

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One Response to “Weekend Over…”

  1. Lisanne Says:

    Today is our ninth anniversary, and next year is our TENTH!!! Woo hoo!

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