Disney Symphony Orchestra

Conductor Mickey

So a week ago I found out that the Baltimore Symphony Orcestra was doing two nights of Disney Music.  I thought the nights were Friday and Saturday.  Pete said we could get tickets and I was excited.  Then I found out it was only Friday night here in Baltimore and I was bummed.  I was watching Alyssa on Friday night and there is an arts fest down near the Symphony Hall and I knew it would be messy.  Well once my sweet husband found out that the BSO was performing the Disney Show at the Strathmore Symphony Hall near DC he knew we had to go.  We went last night and it was so wonderful!!! 

Disney Symphony

The Show was wonderful!  They started off with a mix of Disney songs, zippity do da, Mickey Mouse March, Cinderella, a few other classics.  I was already hooked.  They had a hug screen showing movie clips and still drawings.  Even inspiration drawings from Mary Poppins.  Soon as I saw the Castle and heard the beginning of When you Wish Upon a Star I got teary eyed!

Baltimore Symphony Orchestra

Then they did a Suite of Little Mermaid Songs. Followed by Hercules, Mary Poppins and the Beauty and the Beast.  I think Beauty and the Beast was my favorite!

Then it was intermission.  We walked around and checked out the venue.  Soo nice.

We sat down ready for the 2nd half, but I took a few random pictures before that!


Hubby and Me!



The second half started with Music from Aladdin, which was GREAT!  Then a Suite from Mulan and The Hunchback of Notre Dame Suite, the set ended with Lion King.  The whole night was wonderful!  It is hard to pick my favorite!

Baltimore Symphony Orchestra

*** All of these pictures were taken with my Palm Pre or Pete’s iPhone. I wish we had thought to take a real camera!


2 Responses to “Disney Symphony Orchestra”

  1. shannon Says:

    So glad you had fun! Looks like a beautiful theatre. I’m impressed with the Palm Pre pics!

  2. whimsicalchaos Says:

    what a fun night out…

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