The Wait……

We put in an offer for a great little house in Anne Arundel County yesterday!  Our Realtor told us it could be up until tomorrow before we hear something.  I don’t think I will be able to sleep again tonight if we don’t hear.  Our offer was only 4K less then the asking price and then we asked for the Seller to pay 4% towards closing cost.  Ekk I am so excited.  A house payment is going to cut into our fun money for sure, but it will be worth it!

Cross your Fingers!

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Hot Mama

OMG How in the world do people live with no Air Conditioning??!!??!!  Wednesday after work Pete got home and ours was not working.  !!!  What?  I called BGE (Baltimore Gas & Electric) right away so they could come out to fix it!  Pete took off work yesterday and thankfully the BGE man fixed us up good!  $500 worth of repairs!   Geez the price of cool air!  LOL  So happy it is all fixed.  I can not stand being hot.  Pete and I had the most miserable night’s sleep ever.  It was just freaking awful.  Tossing, Turning, Middle of the night baths!  OMG  So horrible!  Thank goodness last night was better, not back to 100% though.  It was still kinda warm upstairs!  Now this morning it was just right.  I slept in 15 minutes extra just enjoying it up! 

This weekend we are heading to New Jersey to visit our friends and Celebrate Edwin’s birthday.  It should be alot of fun, I Hope the storms stay away though!  Cookouts in the rain just suck!  LOL

I don’t feel like working today, I wanna be home doing house things….Oh Speaking of house things….We are waiting to hear back from our lender as we may be approved for more money for a house Today or Monday!  We found two we loved last night….One was about $130K out of our price range and the other only about $60K out of our price range!  Why do houses need to cost so much!  I was watching Property Virgins last night and the girl had a great amount of houses in her area (Texas) to pick from for the low to mid 100’s!  Here that will get you an abandoned crack house in a war zone! 

Tonight after work we are going to see my girl Alyssa….Its been a few days and I am experiencing withdraws.  Yesterday she told me on the phone “I get Pool”  “I get Bath” “I Nap”  ….. Three sentences!  She is sooo smart!  LOL

I hope everyone has a great weekend!


I have been missing for a while.  I have been such a bad blogger.  I hate when I stop blogging since I love reading back over my life and seeing what was going on and when. 

We have been house hunting, working, planning vacations and spending time with Alyssa!

House hunting….Ugh it’s so hard to find something we want that is in our price range and location requirements.  We are having fun looking, but really want to get this done before the end of the year!

Working…..So many foreclosures.  YUK!  Pete loves his new position though so that is good.

Vacation Planning….We are down to 75 or so days until we leave from Disney!  It’s going to be so great!  A week in Disney then a cruise!  Then only 2 months after that until we visit Pete’s parents in AZ for New Years.  We are thinking of adding on a few days in Disneyland.  We aren’t sure yet, but we will be within driving distance so hmmmm, we will see!


She is the best!  We love spending time with her.  I love seeing her learn and grow.  She can so so many words now!

  • Lisie – which she says like “See-ie”
  • Out
  • Noooooo
  • Yes
  • Wagon
  • Gabba (as in Yo Gabba Gabba, the TV show)
  • Muno (Character on Yo gabba gabba)
  • Totee (Character on Yo gabba gabba)
  • Donald Duck
  • Min Mouse (Minnie Mouse)
  • Petey
  • Mama
  • Mom
  • DaDa
  • Pop
  • More
  • Petza (Pizza)
  • Cheese
  • I Shy ( she likes to tell people in public she is shy as she hides her eyes!  Too Funny)
  • Ball
  • Bubbles
  • Eye
  • ByeBye
  • Hi
  • Fishie
  • Baby
  • Dawg
  • Shoooe
  • Up
  • Tickle
  • Down
  • Blue
  • Choo Choo
  • Teeth
  • Ewe
  • Bra
  • Beep
  • Again
  • That
  • Bottle

She is talking more and more each day.  She can do things like puzzles and climbing too!  It is so amazing.  She can also Moo if you ask her what a cow says and Bark when you ask her what a dog says.  If Pete wears his shirt that has the skull with the glowing eyes on it she makes monster sounds as she points to it!  I can’t wait until we get to Disney, Alyssa is going to love it.  She is so perfect!  Love her more then anything!

Sweet Smiles  Big Feet  Pretty Girl  Birthday Dinner 

MMM Dip!

Sunday Pete, Alyssa and I went to lunch.  They brought her out some carrots and ranch and Alyssa was in her glory.  She loved it.  I love how she stops and says “Cheese” because she thinks Pete is taking her pictures!