Today is the Day!  We go to settlement on our NEW HOUSE at 3pm.  I am soo nervous.  This is the biggest most expensive thing I have ever bought.  Last night I was at the bank getting the Certified Check for settlement ( $8,000.00 !!!) and I had the worst stomach ache ever.  I am so excited and nervous and happy and sad all at the same time.

We are lucky that we had to only bring a 3.5% downpayment to closing and that the sellers paid for all of the closing costs.  Even with doing the settlement at my law firm the closing costs were around 15K !!!  Buying a house is so expensive.

I am thankful that we have a brand-new Kitchen, Bathrooms, Hotwater Heater, Roof and floors so nothing will need to be replaced for a while!  We also got a great warranty.  So I am happy about all of that!

I am sad to be leaving my Mom’s house.  I grew up in this house, played baby dolls and barbies here, had sleepovers and birthday parties, said good bye to my mom here, I will always have those memories!

There is still sooo much we need to buy for the new house.  Luckily we have TONS of wedding and bridal shower gifts that we never opened.  New Silverware and china and glasses and bedding and curtains.  It is going to be like Christmas!  We do need blinds and area rugs…Why are area rugs $300-$400!!!

Well I better go do some work.  3pm will be here before I know it!

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So Fast

Everything is moving so fast with the house stuff!  Friday is our appraisal and we should go to settlement on the 30th!  It is so exciting and so darn expensive.  Closing cost alone are at about $18K.  We  between the closing cost and the cash to close.  We got a loan for 96% of the value of the house.  So we need to bring 4% plus closing cost.  Bye Bye savings.  LOL 

On top of all of this expense we leave for Disney in less then 45 days!  I still have so much to do!  Once we move I need to pack for vacation.  I have to make sure I know where everything I have bought for the trip is.  I am thinking I may pack the new clothes and toiletries into my suitcase and just move it all together.  That way I will only need to find the suitcase.

Yesterday I called the Gas & Electric Company, Direct TV and Verizon to set up the moving of our utilities.  I also took off work on the 2nd of October so I can be there when it all gets hooked up! I think Pete is taking off that day too. 

I feel so grown up with this house.  So many responsibilities come with a new house.  Before I worry about them I need to start packing…LOL

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House Stuff!

Well I am so nervous about this house.  We are putting 10K down and then our savings are gone!  But we will have a house.  A great house!  We have our home inspection tomorrow.  I can’t wait to get back into the house to measure for Area Rugs (did I mention the AWESOME floors) and blinds.  My Dad is coming with us to “help” the inspector.  Should me interesting.  I can’t wait.  Settlement is so fast….Less then 4 weeks!  Then we have to move my whole HUGE house and then get ready for vacation!  EkkkK!  It is nuts.

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I am sooo excited!  The owners didn’t accept our first offer, they counter offered, we counter offered their counter offer and they accepted!  EKKKK!  The house looks small in the picture, but it isn’t.  It’s huge, there is a basement and it has a total square footage of 2400 sq.ft.  It is three bedrooms too.  It is perfect!  The house was bought by investors at a foreclosure and 100% rehabed!  I mean new wirering, new plumbing, new floors (real hardwood), new windows, new bathrooms (2 of them) and A NEW KITCHEN!!!  I am in love with the Kitchen!  Ahhh It is heaven!  I love this house so much.  We will be settling in less then a month! 

Kitchen by you.Kitchen by you.

Dining Room by you.Dining Room by you.

Dining Room by you.Living Room by you.

Bathroom by you.Master Bedroom by you.

Master Bedroom by you.Bedroom No. 3 by you.

Basement Bathroom by you.Basement Bathroom by you.


These Pictures were “borrowed” from the web site….I will be taking my own the next time I can get into the house!  We are going tomorrow (not inside) to show it to Laura!  Isn’t this exciting!

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