I am sooo excited!  The owners didn’t accept our first offer, they counter offered, we counter offered their counter offer and they accepted!  EKKKK!  The house looks small in the picture, but it isn’t.  It’s huge, there is a basement and it has a total square footage of 2400 sq.ft.  It is three bedrooms too.  It is perfect!  The house was bought by investors at a foreclosure and 100% rehabed!  I mean new wirering, new plumbing, new floors (real hardwood), new windows, new bathrooms (2 of them) and A NEW KITCHEN!!!  I am in love with the Kitchen!  Ahhh It is heaven!  I love this house so much.  We will be settling in less then a month! 

Kitchen by you.Kitchen by you.

Dining Room by you.Dining Room by you.

Dining Room by you.Living Room by you.

Bathroom by you.Master Bedroom by you.

Master Bedroom by you.Bedroom No. 3 by you.

Basement Bathroom by you.Basement Bathroom by you.


These Pictures were “borrowed” from the web site….I will be taking my own the next time I can get into the house!  We are going tomorrow (not inside) to show it to Laura!  Isn’t this exciting!

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3 Responses to “WE GOT THE HOUSE!!!!!!!”

  1. Susan Says:

    Yay! Congrats on the house.

  2. erica Says:


    I’m so excited for you guys!

  3. Ani Says:

    It really is a lovely place!

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