So Fast

Everything is moving so fast with the house stuff!  Friday is our appraisal and we should go to settlement on the 30th!  It is so exciting and so darn expensive.  Closing cost alone are at about $18K.  We  between the closing cost and the cash to close.  We got a loan for 96% of the value of the house.  So we need to bring 4% plus closing cost.  Bye Bye savings.  LOL 

On top of all of this expense we leave for Disney in less then 45 days!  I still have so much to do!  Once we move I need to pack for vacation.  I have to make sure I know where everything I have bought for the trip is.  I am thinking I may pack the new clothes and toiletries into my suitcase and just move it all together.  That way I will only need to find the suitcase.

Yesterday I called the Gas & Electric Company, Direct TV and Verizon to set up the moving of our utilities.  I also took off work on the 2nd of October so I can be there when it all gets hooked up! I think Pete is taking off that day too. 

I feel so grown up with this house.  So many responsibilities come with a new house.  Before I worry about them I need to start packing…LOL

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One Response to “So Fast”

  1. Lisanne Says:

    And then you’ll be having children and THEN you will feel even MORE responsibilities! LOL! 🙂 Good luck with everything!

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