10 Days and Counting

We are down to only 10 days until our BIG vacation.  Alyssa is ready to go see DonDuck!

Ready For Vacation! by you.Ready For Vacation! by you.

Isn’t she cute!

I still have so much packing to do, both for moving and for Disney.  I have Fish Extender Gifts to make and Magnets to create!  Ugh so much to do! 

I still have tons of stuff to move from the old house, I am so not looking forward to this.  It is all of the odds and ends no one wants to ever move or deal with, Junk Draws, Holiday Decorations, Books, old clothes.  Just stuff with no place to go!


……….all I ever wanted.

We are at about 15 days to go and I am sooo excited about this vacation!  So excited for so many reasons.  Alyssa is going to LOVE Disney!  I love Disney!  It is my 1st Wedding anniversary and I have a special surprise all planned.  Pete is going to be in shock.  He (and 95% of other people who visit WDW) have no idea this is even possible.  It isn’t cheap, but will be sooo special.  I can not wait.  I can’t post what it is, but it involves fireworks!  EEEK!

I am excited to stay in two new resorts this trip also.  The first is the All Star Movies.  I have stayed in the All Star Music and the All Star Sports,but the movies will be all new.  PLUS Pete loves Sorcerer Mickey and that is the theme of the Pool.

The 2nd resort is Saratoga Springs.  Set in Upstate New York (Hi Lisanne) at the turn of the century!  Should be nice.  I am looking forward to the whirlpool tub at night to soak me sore feet in.

We are going to the Halloween Party on Halloween night, so this is going to be exciting.  I got some crystals and I am going to make a shirt for me to wear.  We still need to get Alyssa a Disney Halloween Costume.

My Dad is cruising with us.  He is so much fun and I love vacations with family.  It just doesn’t feel right when my family isn’t with us.  The cruise will be different them last years.  I will miss all of my BFF’s and their families.  It will be alot more laid back though.  I have a foot massage and pedicure already booked and Pete and I are not leaving the ship in the Bahamas.  We are laying by the pool and relaxing!

I am also excited to get to see atleast 4 good friends who are traveling to WDW at the same time as me.  Well three are traveling there and we are all going to a desert party at the Magic Kingdom together!  The other one lives in Orlando and I can not wait to hang out with Mikkel and hear all about her new honey!   

All in all this is going to be a wonderful vacation!  I can not wait.  I need a break from moving and work and stress!  Disney is my happy place and I will be so happy in just over two weeks!!

Cinderella Pumpkin

While at the fruit stand in my neighborhood Pete spotted “Cinderella Pumpkins”.  It was love at first site.  I needed one, he knew I needed one and so it happened.  We now have one on our front porch! 

Imported Photos 00298 by you.

Doesn’t it look just like the one the Fairy Godmother turned into Cinderella’s Coach?

Imported Photos 00294 by you.


We have been in our new house for a week now and it is starting to feel like home.  We have put away alot of things, but still have a lot to get from the old house!!! 

I love our house, I really love the Kitchen.  Our stove is amazing!


It is amazing!  The convection cooking is so awesome!  This is a $2700 Range!  OMG…Who knew.  I just looked it all up.  LOL 

When I lay in bed at night I still get a sick feeling in my stomach…This is such a big responsibility.  This who owning a house thing.  I need to get cracking and get the last of the boxes unpacked and the rest of the odds and ends moved over.  I was to start hanging stuff on the walls and making it look like a home.  I can not wait to show it to everyone.  We want to have a house warming party as soon as we get new living room furniture.  Our old living room furniture is in the basement and we want new Leather furniture for the living room.

I also need to get the guest room set up before Saturday…we are having our first overnight guest!  YAY!

H1N1 – I want a Choice!!!

The federal government has announced that the H1N1/swine flu vaccines
will arrive next week: http://tiny. cc/swinefluvacci ne508. After
just a few WEEKS of “safety” testing, 90,000 live virus nasal spray
vaccines will be administered to adults and children at public
supermarkets, schools, local pharmacies and doctors’ offices. For
details on the SPREAD of disease through live nasal flu vaccines,
please read Dr. Tenpenny’s astounding report: http://tiny. cc/tenpenny.

In addition to concerns over vaccine safety and efficacy, MDCVC is
outraged at state governments’ attempts to force vaccination on their
citizens, with no exemptions and strict penalties: See the new MA
bill: http://tiny. cc/MAforcedvacci nationbill and the recent NY
mandate for healthcare employees: http://tiny. cc/nyforcedvacci nes.

Our Legislators and Health Department must be told that MARYLANDERS
demand VACCINATION CHOICE! Please forward this message to your
friends and family so they can make an informed decision on the new
H1N1 (and all) vaccines (as the important facts below are NOT
provided by our Health Department) and join us for a state-wide
VACCINATION CHOICE call-in campaign EVERY TUESDAY in October (see
details at the end of the email).


H1N1 vaccine adverse reactions have included: Guillain-Barre
(paralysis); Thrombocytopenia (spontaneous bleeding); anaphylaxis
(life threatening allergic reaction); lymphadenopathy (diseased lymph
nodes); convulsions; encephalomytis (brain inflammation/ damage);
optic neuropathy (optic nerve damage); syncope (loss of
consciousness) ; and vasculitis (inflammatory destruction of blood
vessels). http://tiny. cc/FDAliveh1n1 (package insert: nasal spray)
http://tiny. cc/FDAkilledH1N1 (package insert: injected)

H1N1 vaccine ingredients include: MSG (carcinogen: H1N1 nasal spray);
25 mcg/full dose of thimerosal/mercury (neurotoxin: Sanofi Pasteur
multi-dose); formaldehyde (tested carcinogen: http://tiny. cc/
formaldehydecancer) ; hemagglutinin (glycoprotein causes red blood
cells to clump and attach to respiratory tract, causing infection);
gelatin (allergen); polyethylene glycol p-isoctylphenyl ether
(detergent). (see package inserts above)

H1N1 vaccines have NOT been tested for their cancer causing or
mutagenic potential. (see package inserts)

H1N1 vaccines are being produced on egg cultures and cell lines,
including growth on aborted fetal tissue, as well as dog and African
Green monkey cells: http://tiny. cc/tenpennycelll ines

H1N1 vaccines are NOT safety tested for pregnant women or nursing
mothers (note: pregnant women are a priority target group): “It is
not known whether these vaccines can cause fetal harm when
administered to a pregnant woman or can affect reproductive
capability. It is not known whether the H1N1 vaccine is excreted in
human milk.” (see package inserts)

H1N1 vaccines caused severe adverse reactions and at least 300 deaths
in the 1976 U.S. mass vaccine program. Watch the 60 Minutes exposé:
http://tiny. cc/60minutes287

H1N1 vaccine manufacturers are NOT liable for the vaccine injuries
and deaths caused by their vaccines: http://tiny. cc/liabilityimmu nity

We must make it clear to Legislators and our Health Department that
in October as we call our legislators to ask them to sponsor and
support a concientious exemption to mandatory vaccination bill.
Please also call our Health Department Commissioner and tell him to
SUPPORT VACCINATION CHOICE and to never allow Forced Vaccination in MD!

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