We have been in our new house for a week now and it is starting to feel like home.  We have put away alot of things, but still have a lot to get from the old house!!! 

I love our house, I really love the Kitchen.  Our stove is amazing!


It is amazing!  The convection cooking is so awesome!  This is a $2700 Range!  OMG…Who knew.  I just looked it all up.  LOL 

When I lay in bed at night I still get a sick feeling in my stomach…This is such a big responsibility.  This who owning a house thing.  I need to get cracking and get the last of the boxes unpacked and the rest of the odds and ends moved over.  I was to start hanging stuff on the walls and making it look like a home.  I can not wait to show it to everyone.  We want to have a house warming party as soon as we get new living room furniture.  Our old living room furniture is in the basement and we want new Leather furniture for the living room.

I also need to get the guest room set up before Saturday…we are having our first overnight guest!  YAY!


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