……….all I ever wanted.

We are at about 15 days to go and I am sooo excited about this vacation!  So excited for so many reasons.  Alyssa is going to LOVE Disney!  I love Disney!  It is my 1st Wedding anniversary and I have a special surprise all planned.  Pete is going to be in shock.  He (and 95% of other people who visit WDW) have no idea this is even possible.  It isn’t cheap, but will be sooo special.  I can not wait.  I can’t post what it is, but it involves fireworks!  EEEK!

I am excited to stay in two new resorts this trip also.  The first is the All Star Movies.  I have stayed in the All Star Music and the All Star Sports,but the movies will be all new.  PLUS Pete loves Sorcerer Mickey and that is the theme of the Pool.

The 2nd resort is Saratoga Springs.  Set in Upstate New York (Hi Lisanne) at the turn of the century!  Should be nice.  I am looking forward to the whirlpool tub at night to soak me sore feet in.

We are going to the Halloween Party on Halloween night, so this is going to be exciting.  I got some crystals and I am going to make a shirt for me to wear.  We still need to get Alyssa a Disney Halloween Costume.

My Dad is cruising with us.  He is so much fun and I love vacations with family.  It just doesn’t feel right when my family isn’t with us.  The cruise will be different them last years.  I will miss all of my BFF’s and their families.  It will be alot more laid back though.  I have a foot massage and pedicure already booked and Pete and I are not leaving the ship in the Bahamas.  We are laying by the pool and relaxing!

I am also excited to get to see atleast 4 good friends who are traveling to WDW at the same time as me.  Well three are traveling there and we are all going to a desert party at the Magic Kingdom together!  The other one lives in Orlando and I can not wait to hang out with Mikkel and hear all about her new honey!   

All in all this is going to be a wonderful vacation!  I can not wait.  I need a break from moving and work and stress!  Disney is my happy place and I will be so happy in just over two weeks!!


One Response to “Vacation…….”

  1. Lisanne Says:

    Well, darn it … I got all excited when you said Saratoga Springs … only to realize that you won’t ACTUALLY be in New York! haha 🙂 I know that you are SUPER excited about this vacation … and best wishes with everything!!!

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