So I went and made some more Christmas Cards in the middle of this post…LOL  Try it out…..

Just go here to set up an account with SeeHere (or login if you already have an account) and then upload and create your photo card.
After you’ve set up your photo card, be sure to save it. Then put 50 photo cards in your cart and go to the checkout and use coupon code newbaby and you’ll get all 50 free and have to pay shipping of 3.12 or somethng small like that.

Log back in and click on your saved items and order another 50 photo cards this time using the code freebies4mom-1109. Again, you should get 50 more free photo cards.

And that’s it! Mine arrived within 3 business days of ordering via FedEx. I was impressed, to say the least!
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Holiday Time!

I am soo excited my Christmas cards came this morning!  They are PERFECT!  I can not wait to send them out.

I love the holidays!  I can not wait to see Alyssa Christmas Morning.  She is going to be sooo excited.  I have a small pile of gifts growing in my closet for her.  We don’t have very much money this year since we are vacationing fools and just bought a new house, but I think gifts for kids on Christmas is a must.  Did I mention my pile that is growing in my closet also has a few gifts for my other special kids!  I can’t help it.  Kids don’t care about the amount you spend on them, just the pretty wrappings and the fun of opening.  It’s fun for me too. 

Pete’s sister is coming tomorrow and I still have SOOO much to do at the house.  It’s nuts.  Plus I have all of my Pre-Cooking to do since we are having dinner Friday.

I have to go to the store when I get off work today for last minute items….That should be alot of fun!  LOL


Sooo Busy

I have been busier then I have ever been in my life the past week or week and a half, well really since I got home from vacation!  My Dad sold my old house and I have been there non-stop working with my Dad and sister to clear out 30 years worth of stuff, my Stuff, my Mom’s stuff, my Sister’s stuff, my Dad’s stuff and Pete’s stuff.  Soooo much stuff and so many memories.  I promise I am going to work on a trip report, we had such fabulous vacation, one of the best!  So great that we have more in the works…LOL. 

Pete has been working 6 days a week and about 70 – 80 hours a week and will have to continue this until the end of the year.  I miss my Boy!  He is miserable and tired and cranky and did I mention tired!  LOL

I am also trying to get my new house in order since my Sister in Law is coming for Thanksgiving.  This is nuts, I have sooooooo many clothes to put away.  I am down to only 7 or so boxes left to unpack (not to mention the 30 or so storage boxes in the basement that need organization).  I am out of room in my super big kitchen with two boxes of kitchen stuff to go.  That sucks! 

I have no time to do anything for me….I fall into bed at night and drift off to  sleep in 4.5 seconds!

Here is a preview picture from Vacation….More to come for sure!

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