Holiday Time!

I am soo excited my Christmas cards came this morning!  They are PERFECT!  I can not wait to send them out.

I love the holidays!  I can not wait to see Alyssa Christmas Morning.  She is going to be sooo excited.  I have a small pile of gifts growing in my closet for her.  We don’t have very much money this year since we are vacationing fools and just bought a new house, but I think gifts for kids on Christmas is a must.  Did I mention my pile that is growing in my closet also has a few gifts for my other special kids!  I can’t help it.  Kids don’t care about the amount you spend on them, just the pretty wrappings and the fun of opening.  It’s fun for me too. 

Pete’s sister is coming tomorrow and I still have SOOO much to do at the house.  It’s nuts.  Plus I have all of my Pre-Cooking to do since we are having dinner Friday.

I have to go to the store when I get off work today for last minute items….That should be alot of fun!  LOL



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