Decking the Halls

I am going to start my decorating this weekend I think.  Our New furniture came today!  EKKK!  Can not wait to sit back and enjoy all that leathery goodness!  LOL  It is so nice.  Now we can get the tree up.  I am sad we need to have a fake Christmas tree, they are cheesy, I love a real tree with real tree smell.  This year though we are pulling out the fake one since Pete is working 6 days a week and that leaves us like NO time to go cut one down! 

Speaking of Trimming the tree….LOL…Laura was decorating hers yesterday and was standing on a chair hanging lights.  My sister is known for her accidents….she must  have leaned the wrong way and she fell.  She didn’t gracefully fall to the floor..oh no, she fell into the curio cabinet, bounced off of that and landed in a rubbermade tote butt first with her arms and legs hanging out.  What was in the Tote?  Some decorations and the BIG POINTY STAR!  She got the star right in the bottom!  LOL  She had to tip herself out and was in alot of pain….I can’t help laughing  everytime I think of it.  Oh how I wish someone would have taken a picture!  LOL  Last night I went to her house for dinner and to drop of a little present for Alyssa and got to watch them finish up the decorating.  Alyssa really was into it, she loved the orniments….The Christmas Balls through her off though.  She didn’t understand why she couldn’t throw them.  I about pee’ed my pants when one hit Brandon upside the head!

3 Responses to “Decking the Halls”

  1. Shannon Says:

    Omg poor Laura! Man, I wish Brandon had been video taping that! So funny!

  2. Lisanne Says:

    You should have titled this blog entry, “Decking Each Other!” LOL! 🙂 Oh wow, poor Laura ~ that sounds ouchie!!! Our kids want to take some of the ornaments off the tree and play with them as toys. Especially the “Star Wars” ones. Three have broken already! 😦

  3. Ani Says:

    Hope Laura is better!

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