DAY TWO – October 31,2009 – Part One

Day Two – October 31, 2009

I set my wake up call for early early I called and woke Laura up at 7:00am. She informed me that Alyssa had been up for a few hours in the middle of the night and that she wasn’t getting up yet. I made her meet me outside and I gave her the card I made. She was really excited to find out that her and Brandon would have three hours in the Living Seas Pavillion learning about the Dolphins and spending time in the water. This was her Christmas Present from Pete and I!

Pete and I were going to get Alyssa ready and head to the park to see some characters and ride a few rides before Laura was done her Dolphin in Depth Experience….BUT Miss Alyssa fell asleep and took a 2.5 hour nap. She fell asleep in my arms at 8:00am and at 9:30 I had to lay her down so I could go to the bathroom.

Pete and I finally woke her up at 11am so she could have breakfast and we could meet Laura and Brandon in Epcot. We got dressed and she had some Sausage (SaSa) and then we waited for a bus to Epcot. By the time we finally got there Laura and Brandon were done and they met us at the entrance. The LOVED it and said it was just the coolest experience. We posed for some pictures of course before heading to lunch.

We didn’t get 20 feet into the park before we saw Daisy! Alyssa LOVES Daisy. We got inline and were up to see her in no time.

Look at her checking out Daisy’s shoes…LOL

Alyssa talked about Daisy for the next 3 hours…NON STOP!

Right next to Daisy was Stitch!

After we saw the Characters we headed to Lunch. Laura and I had lunch at Le Cellier in Canada and Pete and Brandon ate at the Germany Buffett. They drank sooo much beer that afternoon! LOL.

It is so pretty in this resturant!

And so Pretty outside of it.

I don’t think I mentioned it yet, but it was like 96 degrees this day with 99% humidity. HOT!!! Poor Alyssa’s face was soo red! LOL

Us girls finished before the boys so we stopped to see a few of our favorite people.

Alyssa smiled in the funniest way the whole first half of the trip! LOL

Still not loving Pluto…LOL

She loved Miss Minnie Mouse so much!

Alyssa still wasn’t so sure about Donald Duck…LOL

After seeing Goofy we went into Inoventions to cool off some. Laura loved the Fire Exhibit since she is a firefighter. I got her to pose for a picture.

We met back up with the boys and decided to go through Space Ship Earth before we headed back to the Hotel for a nap before the Halloween Party!

It was fun to see Laura and Brandon’s reaction to the new part at the end. LOL

Alyssa was sooo tired so we headed back to the All Stars. We got to the nice cool room stripped off our clothes and laid down. Then 2 minutes later I jumped up, put my suit on and Pete and I headed to the pool. We stopped and talked Laura into coming with us while Brandon and Alyssa napped. The pool was sooo awesome! So refreshing!

2 Responses to “DAY TWO – October 31,2009 – Part One”

  1. Ani Says:

    I miss Disney a lot.

    Am enjoying your posts.

  2. Shannon Says:

    Disney should pay you for the fabulous PR!

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