I Interupt my WDW Trip Report……

With another WDW trip report.

Ok so even though I have a rule about finishing one Trip report before heading back to WDW I broke it for Vanessa’s Wedding!

On Tuesday night (12/8/09) my friend Jenna and I were talking and we decided to go and crash Vanessa’s Wedding. We looked up flights and hotels and really thought we could do this. We both went into work the next day to request off and once approval was given I booked the hotel and my flight. Jenna went to book hers and the rates had doubled! She ended up booking through Priceline and after paying a fee to have her ticket changed made it to Disney on time for the wedding!

Day One – December 12, 2009

I woke up at 4:45am and got dressed. I headed to the airport for my 7am flight. Check in was a breeze, the flight was easy and I landed at MCO at 9:00am. I headed down to the bottom level of the airport and grabbed the Magical Express.

Posted Image

I also played on the phone and texted Jenna…she was at her layover in Atlanta.

In no time at all I saw the best sign ever……

Posted Image

I got to the All Star Music by 10:15am and checked in. We were first given a room sooo far away it was crazy, then I got us moved to the jazz building. I would have prefered the Calypso building, but hey last minute travelers can’t be choosers.

I grabbed breakfast at the food court and headed to the room for a nap. I was beat (and I am not the one with two flights a layover and a baby in my oven), I know Jenna had to be tired as well.

Posted Image

Posted Image

Posted Image

I texted a few people and rested a bit and then Jenna called she was at MCO! YAY I got a shower and dried my hair and was almost 100% ready when Jenna came through the door! We hugged and acted like little kids playing catch up. After being there like 10 minutes she told me the news….There was going to be a baby! I instantly nick named the baby Minnie (Jenna loves her Minnie ears…LOL). I was so excited. I knew she was late and I even brough a pregnancy test with me and was going to force her to pee on the stick…LOL But she beat me to it the night before. YAY. So excited her them!

We didn’t even have time for Jenna to change and we headed out to the buses. We tok a bus to MGM then the boat to the Swan.

Posted Image

I love the Tree at MGM Disney’s Hollywood Studios. The boat is always fun. Tricia called me soon as we got on the boat. Funny thing…I emailed Tricia a few days ago to see if she was going to be at the wedding and all, well I never got an answer and didn’t think I had her number…LOL It was in my phone the whole time so when she called I said “HI” and just started talking. Later Tricia told me she thought it was odd that I just knew who she was when she called. I had never called her before so I am not sure why she was in my phone already, but I was glad.

Tricia met us at the Boat launch between the Swan and Dolphin. The three of us found the wedding location and were way early so we headed to the bar for a drink.

Posted Image

Carly called Tricia and Mikkel called me and they were both (along with Tracy) on their way. Jenna and I were dying of thirst so we ordered water and waited for the other girls.

I was so excited to see everyone and even more excited to see Vanessa. She still had no idea we were even there for the wedding. Mikkel and Tracy got there a few seconds later and ordered drinks.

Once Jesse and Carly got there we had him take a group picture.

Posted Image

It was almost 5:00pm now so we headed outside. No one was there yet so we stood around and waited. Family started showing up.

Posted Image

The Guys looks so awesome with their red Converse.

Posted Image

Vanessa’s sister came up to us and thanked us all for being there. Her voice…It is exactly the same as Vanessa’s. Sooo freaky!!!

I took a few pictures of the harpest….OMG such a great Choice! She was wonderful.

Posted Image

Posted Image

The Set up was so pretty with the lanterns lining the aisle.

Posted Image

We took our seats since the wedding planners told us the bride was finally here.

Posted Image

I couldn’t wait to see Vanessa!!!


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