WDW Weekend Wedding Trip – Day 3 – The End

So the next thing that I remember was Jenna giving me a hug! She was leaving…I hated that she had to leave so early! I have requested a lat Check out, so I had until 12:30pm! I got up and went to the pool some. Then I cleaned up the room and packed and walked out at 12:30pm exactly. Tory texted me and I was going to meet her at Animal Kingdom. I took a picture of the fountain playing with different shutter speeds.

Posted Image

Then I took a picture for a nice family before heading to the Baggage Check in. Since I was not checking my luggage for a flight they would not hold my suitcase for me since their holding area was FULL! UGH! Well I couldn’t trek to Animal Kingdom with my Suitcase, Carry on and purse! So I texted Tory back and let her know. Sooo Sad! Then I went to the food court and got a Cheeseburger and Fries. I sat and ate them and then I went outside and laid by the pool. I didn’t get picked up until 3:30pm by the Magical Express. WELL it didn’t come until after 4pm. I was worried I may be late for my flight!

I talked to Vanessa the whole way to the Airport. She was on her way to see Laura! Again so sad I didn’t get to see Laura on her wedding day!

I got to the Airport with just enough time to check and make my way to my gate. I got on the plane and headed home.

Pete was waiting for me when I got there. I missed him so much! It was a great weekend. I am so glad I went. Vanessa was an amazing bride and Jenna and I had so much fun! Now I just can’t wait to go back!


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