My husband was in a Fraternity in college.  His Fraternity’s anniversary was on Tuesday.  Don’t ask me how old they are cause I have no clue.  LOL  Anyway this weekend we are going to New Jersey so the “Brother’s” can all get together.  They do this almost every year.  I think it is so funny when I look through all of Pete’s College pictures (He has a stack sitting here on the desk that I just looked through, I think he scanned them all for the Brothers).  Pete was one of the founding father’s of there Chapter of the Fraternity.   He is one of the only white boys!  It is a Latino Fraternity.  He is always easy to spot.  LOL  I always wonder what it would have been like to have been in a sorority?  They do not have them at 2 year colleges…LOL  I wonder if I would have formed life long friendships and sisterhoods?  Nah Probably not, I don’t like people like that.  LOL  As close as Pete and his brothers were he is really only close to one of them now.  His BFF (which he informs me is a girl term…lol) Edwin.  I wonder if it is because he moved away to Iowa for Chiropractic School for six years, or if it is because he lives in Maryland with me instead of New Jersey where they all live.  But honestly I don’t know, I mean his BFF is only really close to Pete, they have each other.

I always feel bad when we do thinks with my friends since his are always so far away.  I do my best to make sure we get to New Jersey for the reunions and get togethers.  It helps that I adore his BFF’s wife.  We have become really great friends.  They have wonderful kids that I love too!  I really consider them family.  This weekend I had plans to have lunch in PA with my fabulous fellow Disney Brides.  We all try to get together a few times a year.  Us “North Girls”  get to see each other way more then we get to see the south and west girls.  So I had Plans to see my friends, but this Fraternity thing came up.  So I told Pete that we will drive to NJ on Friday night then Saturday morning I will head to lunch with my Disney Brides and then he can hang with his Brother’s that night.  Sunday will will hang out with of friends and the kids and then head home Sunday afternoon.  I do have a Baby Shower Sunday, but I think I may have to miss it.

So I think since I was not in a Sorority I will consider my Disney Brides, my Sorority  Sisters.  We all talk all the time, have similar interests and love Mickey Mouse…LOL  I am so lucky to have these special ladies!  I love them and have made some really really good friends!

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