Our New House!

So I never really posted pictures of the house once we moved in. After my company left today I took a few quick pictures. I thought I would share them. We still have alot of decorating to do and have NO window treatments at all. Why are curtians so damn expensive! UGH…Anyway…..

This is the living room or “Sitting room” as I like to call it. There is no TV in here it is for entertaining guests and sitting around talking and all. We need something on the wall behind the sofa sooo desperately. I have no idea what and I will be open to any and all suggestions.

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This is looking out the front door.

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Hanging above the front door. I wish I could have found the bigger one that my friend Carly has.  But I love it!

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Here is a closer view of the mantle. I love it.  It is so homey!

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This one shows the kitchen bar and the sofa (again I need something for the wall!)  Suggest suggest!

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This is the hallway.  At the end is our wedding picture…my favorite.  I also have a script metal thing that says “Love” to hang above the picture.  Oh and I love my glass star (Thank you Shannon, still one of my favorite  gifts ever!) hanging in the cut out. The house is great for entertaining since the livingroom, kitchen and dining rooms all open up together.

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Here is the dining room. We need to shorten the curtain rod here since the hutch takes up so much room. Also the furniture is more “country” then my taste, but my cousin knew we didn’t have a dining room set and gave it to us as a wedding gift! It works.

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This is in the dining room too. It is the catch-all for keys, purses and chargers and stuff. It is kind of behind the door.

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Look at the beautiful flowers I got at the market yesterday. Lilies, Roses and Daisies SO spring!

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What you wanna see them closer….ok…

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Here I am standing in the kitchen, See the open design. I love it. I also adore my Genair stove!!

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Did you see my Chef Alyssa picture hanging in my kitchen. I took it and blew it up. Love it!

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These are the lights hanging in the kitchen above the bar. They remind me of our honeymoon at the Animal Kingdom Lodge. You can also see the top of my fridge….I hate that it is too short, but we had the fridge only (4 years old) and nothing was wrong with it aside from being a few inches too short, so we must live with it.

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When you go down the hall way the computer room is the first room on your left.

Nothing special…kinda boring.  Excuse the messy desk!

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The Bathroom is at the end of the hall. It is tiny, but nice.  We have another in the basement that is twice this size.  We want to make the guest room smaller and expand this one one day!

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To the left of the bathroom is the guest room and the room Alyssa watches TV in. She has toys in both this room and the office. LOL Pete’s mom made us this quilt as a wedding gift. It is in the wedding ring pattern. Again no window treatments. We actually have some for here…we are working on getting them up. I need my dad’s help due to the plaster walls and hanging the brackets.

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Here is mine and Alyssa’s Disney Snow Globe collection…she tells me they are hers. LOL

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The furniture in the room was my mom’s. I couldn’t let it go and it provides so much extra space for our clothes. Here are pictures from all of my Disney trips. I still need to add one from our trip in November 2009 and one from Vanessa’s wedding in December 2009!

Posted Image

Last is our room. It is to the right of the bathroom. Again no window treatments. We have them, they just are not hung yet! DAD!!!

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I must admit I NEVER make the bed except once a week when I change the sheets. The rest of the week the comforter is folded and sits in the corner. LOL

You can see my vanity in this one. I love it and don’t think I could do my hair and make up any other way. I got it when I was like 12 or 13 and it is one of my favorite things!!!  YOu can also see my antique dresser with the flat screen TV on it…LOL…My Mom refinished this dresser one summer and it is very special to me.  She worked with her two hands to restore it to its beautiful state.  SO special!

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I love our house! It is so perfect for us. We have the basement too. It is pretty rustic down there. Open beams in the ceiling. We do have carpet down there though, but you can see the pluming and electric when you look up. We plan on finishing it off within the next year or two. We want to put an Office, a Guest Room and a Family room, along with the laundry room down here. We have a Lazyboy sectional down there and our big TV some end tables, exercise bike, craft table and laundry. We hang out there most evenings.

So there you have it!!! I will post more once we finish decorating!

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6 Responses to “Our New House!”

  1. Susan Says:

    I love it! Hopefully one day I’ll be able to see it in person. I’d love to see you again!!!

  2. Ani Vuolo Says:

    I love your living room furniture. Love the hanging star and the curtain in the dining room.

    I think it’s great you have your mom’s furniture.

  3. Margie Says:

    It’s beautiful! I love the open floor plan!

  4. Michele Lane Says:

    I love your house too! It feels so “homey” and comfy. I LOVE the hardwood and the open floor plan. And I honestly didnt notice the fridge being short until I looked at the pics. LOVE the alyssa pic in the kitchen. SO cute.

  5. Shannon Says:

    LOVE it! Everything looks so great! Check out IKEA for curtains- great deals! Absolutely love the wedding quilt and your bed linens too. Can’t wait to see it in person one day! xo

  6. Jamie Says:

    Lisa! OMG, I LOVE it! It is absolutely beautiful. So welcoming and serene and pretty. Here are some things I want to tell you:

    1) I buy a lot of my curtains at JC Penney. They have a great selection and there are always good sales.

    2) I’m the same way with the comforter on my bed. I take it off to change my sheets and make it maybe once a week (here lately it’s been once a month, lol) and that’s the only time it’s made. They look so pretty when they’re made, but they’re oh-so-comfy when they’re not.

    3) I have a sort of “country” type dining table and I modernized it by adding a very contemporary table setting and center piece. Pier One and Z Gallarie are the places I bought my stuff.

    4) I love the lights and granite in the kitchen.

    5) I miss you and think of you often. Love ya.

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